Why Do You Need Psychic Protection?

People need to have psychic protection, and this is particularly true if you are a medium, an empathy or if you are someone with a psychic gift that you are developing or using to help others.

If you are a clairsentient or a clairvoyant, you are more than likely very sensitive, and this means that you will cry at the drop of a hat.

Maybe you cannot watch things on television without getting upset or when other people are sad, you feel their emotions. This means that places, people, and things can leave you with strong emotions and cause you to feel tired, drained, or even sick.

What is a Psychic Attack?

A psychic attack is when someone comes into your area and they send negative energy into your energy field. This can be someone that you know or some stranger that you walk by on the street. This can be someone at your home or even in your office.

Why Use Psychic Protection?

If you are an empath or if you are very intuitive, chances are that you are very sensitive to the energy around you.

This means that energy can affect you differently than it does other people.

Signs You Need Psychic Protection

  • You feel drained after you give someone a reading.
  • When you have someone in your life that complains a lot, you need to rest or take a nap once you leave them.
  • When you try to develop your psychic giftings you find that you are crying a lot.

When you deal with strong emotions, you need to have psychic protection, and this can help if you are dealing with heavier things like depression or anxiety.

Giving Too Many Readings

When you are a medium or a fortune teller or when you use tarot cards, you can sometimes leave the reading feeling upset or stressed.

This happens because you are dealing with a lot of energy and this means that the energy can leave you feeling bad or feeling drained.

Psychic protection can help you so that you can have positive energy in your energy field. This is a way that you can protect yourself and others around you.


You do not need psychic protection because of evil spirits. The ghosts will not come to try and get you or attack you.

Most people that are intuitive or mediums do not even encounter dark spirits unless they try to connect people to the spirit world.

You work from love and that is what is attracted when you do a reading.


Everyone needs to have psychic protection and it is even more important if you are doing some kind of psychic work or helping others. Protect yourself and have peace.

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