Understanding a Praying Mantis Sighting

When most people see a Praying Mantis, they are attracted to the nature of it. It looks to be an insect that is looking in the distance, praying, trying to find a way to understand the world around it. If you are lucky enough to see one of these magnificent creatures, you might have a spirit that is calling you.

The Praying Mantis

This insect is a carnivorous insect, and it starts out small and can get to be the size of a coffee cup. They are called “Praying Mantis” because their hands make it look like they are praying. This is an insect that loves to eat things like flies and grasshoppers.

Some believe that the Praying Mantis looks like a person, and some will try to keep it as a pet. If you see one of these insects, do not just write it off as unimportant.

What Does the Praying Mantis Mean?

A person that sees the Praying Mantis might be excited by it. This is not something that people see every day because they are so good at hiding. If you are someone that is busy and you just see one, be aware of it.

The stillness of the Praying Mantis makes it hard for us to see them even though they see us. This insect can symbolize the idea of slowing down in life. The universe might be telling you that you are too busy, and you need to get your spiritual life in order.

Does the Praying Mantis Mean Good Luck?

The Praying Mantis loves to eat other insects, but it doesn’t just strike at the first moment. They are patient and they enjoy the hunt of finding their own food. They will not even go after food unless they are absolutely sure that they will be able to get it. This means that they are never fast to make a move and they are very patient.

This insect can ted to learn to wait d to be patient as well. We need to learn to wait for things that we want. It means that when you see a Praying Mantis or you have a dream of one, you might feel this as good luck because they give you an opportunity to pay attention to your own life and not to let it pass you by.

Praying Mantis in Cultures

The Praying Mantis means different things in different cultures. In Japan, this insect is seen as something that is amazing and graceful. In China, they look at the Praying Mantis as something that is revered. There are even martial arts moves named after this creature.

In South Africa, a Praying Mantis by your house can mean that your ancestors are there to see you. It also means that they will have good luck and that they are good hunters. It can also mean that there is someone that is an enemy that is close and that they need to be more mindful of their surroundings.

The Message of the Praying Mantis

Mantis is a Greek word that means “seer.” This means that the Praying Mantis can be seen as something spiritual. If you see one, it might be showing you that you have the clair gifts and that you are good at meditating.

If you are a healer, you might be able to channel different spirits. You need to remember to be patient and calm like the Praying Mantis and to take time in your meditation and knowing. Just like this insect, you can make a connection once you allow yourself to focus and to reach your goals.

Animals that are small might come to you to give you a message. If you see a Praying Mantis, think of this is a message to take things easy and slow down. Take time to connect with friends and family and people around you and enjoy the time you have with others. Stop being so busy and being mindless of what is going on around you.

The Spirit Animal of the Praying Mantis

Even thought he Praying Mantis is not an animal; it can be your spirit animal. If you see this animal often in your dreams or in real life, you might want to ask your spirit guides what this means.

This animal comes to you in peace, and it wants you to know that you are loved. Take action in changing and moving forward. Take time to pray and to make focused decisions. Be patient and work hard to reach your goals through prayer and meditation.

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