• How to tell if your reading is accurate

    How to tell if your reading is accurate

    Albert Einstein believed that all of our past, present and future experiences are held together by illusion. If this is true, how can a psychic predict the future? Perhaps it is from this question that we wonder if our readings are accurate and how can one tell?  If you are posing this question while you are being read, you just can’t. Afterward, you may see a few signs that it wasn’t a true reading. Questions Real or authentic psychics won’t ask a lot or any questions because they don’t want to muddy the waters with too much information. The prefer to glean the information from their client’s energy. Instead they…

  • When Fake Psychics Get Caught: 5 Psychic Scams Revealed

    When Fake Psychics Get Caught: 5 Psychic Scams Revealed

    In seeking out the help of a psychic, we’re usually looking for answers and support through a difficult time in our lives. We’re looking for someone who will listen to our troubles and help guide us through the rough waters and into calmer ones. Psychic history goes back centuries, with people paying biblical prophets to clairvoyant crime solvers to help them predict the future or give them more clarity as to what the future holds. Unfortunately, however, not all psychics are legitimate. And it’s those illegitimate “psychics” that have been responsible for some high dollar scams. Let’s take a look at five unbelievable psychic scams that have been revealed over…

  • Five Easy Ways to Tap into Your Psychic Gifts

    Five Easy Ways to Tap into Your Psychic Gifts

    You can connect with your spirit through mediation. Everybody is Psychic. We are all capable of using these psychic gifts that are within your spirit. Psychic is also known as the soul. It is essential for me as a psychic advisor that my clients enlighten themselves about their own gifts so that during a session with me they can use those simple tools to connect with their higher wisdom alongside receiving messages, guidance, and confirmation. Patience, practice and lots of self-solve are required when working with psychic skills. You can develop a daily practice to cultivate your relationship with your intuition by using the simple tools below. MEDITATION- ENGAGE YOUR…

  • Why Choose a Psychic Reading by Phone?

    Why Choose a Psychic Reading by Phone?

    Psychic readings over the telephone are becoming more and more popular. Phone readings can be better than face-to-face readings for several reasons. Here are the top three: It’s harder to cheat over the telephone. One of the most significant benefits of psychic readings by phone is that it’s much harder for frauds to “fake it” and give you a cold reading by phone. Look at it this way: If you aren’t sitting right there in front of somebody, they don’t have a way to pick up on body language cues. Further, they won’t be able to come to any conclusions about you based on physical characteristics, such as: What clothes…

  • Readings

    Communicating After Death

    I’ve been receiving frequent questions recently from people who are wondering if their loved ones who have passed way into the spiritual realm react to the hardships of life in the same way those of us who are still living do. But how could that be? They have moved on into a different realm. And they are different now, too. Here are some of the specific comments and questions I’ve heard over the last few months: One friend commented about her son who had died, “I can’t imagine how he’s stewing in spirit about what’s been going on!” Another friend, this one very spiritual, asked me, “Kristin, do you think…

  • Relationship

    Nostalgia and Behavior

    When a loved one dies, nearly everyone is drawn to nostalgia and has to fight against the temptation to idealize the past. And those grieving a death aren’t the only ones caught in this struggle. Do to the stresses of modern life, our culture as a whole often nostalgically longs for the past. We idealize the past as easier and more fun, when things were better and more pure. Analyzing the psychology of this issue leads to dozens of insightful articles by reputable doctors and researchers. One common way this manifests itself is when people meet someone for the first time, but feel like they’ve known that new person for…

  • Soulmates

    Pauline Jensen on Soulmates and Twin Flames

    Terms like “soulmates” and “twin flames” are common within the spiritual community. You’ve likely heard at least one of them. But do you know as much about them as you should? When I perform psychic readings for clients, they usually are familiar with those terms. But they usually don’t know what they’re supposed to do about it! They commonly assume that a soulmate or a twin flame is somebody they’re supposed to look for, so off they go on their search. Sometimes they’ve even been told by another medium to head out on that search! These searches often lead to other issues, among them a sense of deep disappointment. I…