How to Get Bad Energy Out of Your Home

You should live in a home where you feel safe and protected. This is a time where you can be happy and where you can be at peace but if bad energy gets into your home, it can cause you to go through hard things and to be sad or negative. When this negative energy is in your home, it can affect your life in many ways. Cleaning your house and getting rid of negative energy is so important to keep you healthy and strong.

If you have just recently moved into a new home, you want to make sure that you cleanse your home from any negative energy that might have been in your home from the people that lived there before you. Also, if you have gone through hard things such as a loss of a loved one or a recent breakup, you might need to cleanse your home to get rid of the bad energy. How do you know if you have negative energy in your home?

Signs of Bad Energy

Being able to know if you have bad energy in your home is very important and is very easy to do. You can tell if the energy in your home is negative or if it is good by how you feel. If you have a good life and you are happy and feeling good, this can be good energy but if you are feeling like you are not able to breathe or you are being crushed or feeling bad, this can be a sign of negative energy.

Negative energy will bring you stress in your life and if you feel that you cannot deal with life anymore, this can be because of what is going on in your home. If you aren’t quite sure if there is bad energy in your home, here are some ways you can tell:


Maybe you or your family are always complaining about things. This might get worse and when it does, negative energy is coming into your home.


If you are in a negative relationship, it can cause negativity to come into your home. Negative energy will attract more negative energy and it becomes a bad situation.


When you blame people in your house for things that go wrong or when you are always blaming people for situations, this can bring negative energy in your home.


If there is a lot of criticism in your home, it can be bad energy that comes in.


When there is clutter or junk in your home, it can bring negative energy. This can make bad energy stronger.

Even if these things don’t fit in your life and you feel that there is something going on, cleansing your home might help to fix things. If someone is sick in your home or if you have had a fight with someone in your house, get rid of the negative energy that these things bring.

Your home should be a place where you feel happy and safe but when negative energy comes in, you have to get rid of it before you can move on in your life.

Getting Rid of Bad Energy

Unless you are a witch, getting rid of negative energies might be something you have never heard of. The good thing is that it is easy, and you can do these things and get rid of this bad energy:

Clean and Declutter

One of the first things you can do is to clean and declutter your home. Open all of the curtains and the blinds and let air inside of your home. Let the sun come in. Dust and clean and make sure to get rid of any cobwebs or any dirt.

Clean your home and throw away things that are broken. According to Feng Shui, you should never have any broken items in your home.

Once you clear and clean your home, remove negative energies by using this as a cleansing agent for your house:

  • Lemons or lemon juice
  • White vinegar or ammonia
  • Sage, Copal, Frankincense
  • Salt
  • Bells
  • Selenite

Windows and Doors

Always make sure that your windows and doors are clean. This is where the energy can come in and you want to make sure that you use the above ingredients to keep your house and your home purified.

Negative Energies

You can try smudging your house. Light a sage stick and put it in all areas of your home. Let the smoke go into every corner. You can find these at health food stores.

White sage is one of the most common herbs that people use. You can also use other herbs to get rid of negative energies.

Guide to Smudging

  • Start at the front door and light your sage bundle.
  • Fan the sage to get into all areas of the room.
  • Fan the smoke around your own body.
  • Walk clockwise and swirl the smoke around. Don’t forget the ceiling and the floor.

Doing this will help to put positive energies into your home. Some people will say positive affirmations while they smudge to bring in more energy that is good.

After you have smudged the rooms, you can put salt around the house. Put some in the corners of the home. Ring the bell 3 different times and then vacuum the salt.

To protect your home even further, put selenite in the windows of your home. This can help to heal you and can help to protect you. There are other stones such as Black Tourmaline that are protection stones and can keep bad energy away from you.

After Cleansing

After you clear your negative energy, focus on bringing in positive energy. You can do different things such as using salt lamps and other things to make your area happy and positive.

Make sure you are aware of the energy of your home and that you are getting rid of bad energy anytime you feel it come into your home.

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