Why Do You Have Karma from Past Life?

Life can be hard and there might be things that you have to face that you never chose. If this is happening to you, chances are that you are facing past life karma. Karma is something that impacts your life at a later time. Whatever you do today, you will reap it to come back to you at a different time in your journey. If you are rude, selfish and you hurt others, karma says that these things will come back to you.

Someone that sleeps around and cheats on their spouse, breaking hearts here and there is someone that will likely fall in love with someone that does the same thing to them. Karma can also be something that is beneficial to you. If you are kind, loving and caring to others, you will have people be kind, caring and loving towards you.

You will experience karma from things that you have done in your past and your present life. If you keep experiencing things that are hard, chances are you might be paying back your past karma.

Making Better Decisions

Karma will come back to you and sometimes it will put you right back in the same situation that you just left. This happens so that you can learn from your mistakes, and you can make a better choice this time around.

Relationships and Soulmates

A soulmate is someone that is part of your soul group and someone that you have met before. This can be a friend or a romantic partner or even a relative.

Karma can play a big role in your relationships because of the past that you have lived. This person that is your soulmate might come into your life this time around to hurt you. Even though this happens, chances are that your relationship will be different this time around.

Seeing Things Differently

One good thing about karma is that it helps you to see things differently. You might have been financially well off, but you got this money from being sneaky or from hurting others. You might have said this was okay because the money was spent on good things.

In another life that you have, you might have to deal with someone that takes away all the money that you make, and you might have to live poor. This will teach you to see that money is something that is not as important as how you treat others.

Final Thoughts

Karma is a way that you can learn how to treat others and how to live a better life. Look at your life and make the changes that you need so that you can have a strong and good journey. Keep moving forward and living your best life.

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