When You Need Your Spirit Guide

Have you been facing hard times in your life and you feel that you just wish someone would give you guidance? There are ways that you can reach your spirit guide such as meditating. You have to know that you are never really alone.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, you have your spirit guides with you. They have energy that surrounds you and they use this energy to support and care for you. Your guides are always with you.

People that have died also might be there to help care for you. When you have a spiritual guide, it is someone you are connected to. Even if this is someone you don’t know or you have never met, you can connect with them.

Talking to Your Spirit Guide

Meditating can help you to connect with your spirit guide. When you try to connect with your guide, you will be able to connect with their energy and this will allow you to know that they are close to you.

To get the most out of this, make sure that you start by having a pen and paper so that you can journal after you meditate. You should take around 20 minutes to make this connection. Here is how:

  • Find a quiet place that you can go where you won’t be distracted. You should be able to be quiet for the time you are meditating but you also want to feel safe and secure. Make sure you are comfortable and turn off your phones or televisions.
  • Focus on your breathing and don’t focus on your thoughts. First, you need to make sure that you write down things that you need to do on your paper so that you don’t have to think about these things while you meditate. Once your mind is quiet, you can shut your eyes and stay calm.
  • Pay attention to your breathing. Focus on how steady your breath is. Breathe in deep through your nose and slowly out of your mouth. Become relaxed and don’t let any worry come to you.
  • Think about a golden light flowing around you. Imagine it to the point where you feel that the light is warm. This light is energy that can make you feel whole and warm. Let the energy show you love.
  • Be positive and focus on how thankful you are for things in your life. Make sure that you love yourself and open yourself up to the communication from your spirit guides. The guides will send their energy to you.

Now that you are calm and relaxed, you can start talking to your spirit guide.

Finding Your Spiritual Guides

Here are some steps to find your spiritual guides:

Have a Sacred Place

The first thing to do is to make sure that you have a sacred place. This can look like a garden or even a mountain. Wherever you find, make sure that you feel that this place is special to you and that you feel accepted. This is a place where you can find calmness and healing. You can talk to your guides in this place, and you can get answers you need.

This place that you “go” might feel like a place that you have been to before. Imagine that you are walking around and be as detailed as you can.

Meet Your Guides

It is now time to meet your spiritual guides. Ask them to come to you and to love you. Ask them to meet you and tell them how excited you are.

Notice what your guide sounds like, who they are and even ask them their name. Ask them anything you want to ask.

Know Your Guides

You can take time now to get to know your guides. Ask them questions and interact with them. How do they make you feel?

Be Thankful

Thank your guides for coming to you and for showing you love.  Stay in your sacred place for as long as you want to stay and meditate. You can even come back to this place anytime that you want to and anytime you want to meet with your guides.

What Was Your Experience?

Before you stop, open your eyes and then get your notebook and pen out. This is a time that you need to journal what your experience was. Here are some things to write down:

  • What did your sacred place look like? Describe your area in as much detail as you can. If you were on a mountain, what did the clouds look like? By the beach? How did the water feel? Think about how things sounded, smelt, felt and what kinds of feelings it gave you to be there.
  • Write down the details of who your spiritual guides are. How did they look, feel, sound? What was their name? How did they make you feel when you were around them.
  • Did you ask any questions to your guides? What kinds of answers did they give you? Write the answers down.

You will see that the more that you enter your sacred place the more that you can know about your guides. Meditate and get the answers that you need. They can help you to solve problems and to move forward in your life.

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