Crystals to Activate Full Moon Energy

Do you keep seeing repeating numbers or do you keep saying animals that are coming around you? These can be signs that the universe is trying to show you.

The energy of the full moon is a very powerful energy. This is a time where you need to be kind to yourself and where you need to make sure that you allow your whole being to be part of that energy.

There are certain crystals that you can use that can activate the full moon energy and it can increase the power of it.

Full Moon Energy

The full moon energy is energy that can increase your intuition. If you have a psychic gift that you want to develop, using the full moon can help. You can also see that if you have clair gifts that this will be a time where they increase and develop.

Look out for different symbols and signs that the universe might be trying to give you. These signs will come during the full moon time and they can change your life.

Here are some of the energies that the full moon carries:

  • Achieving things.
  • Completing projects.
  • Dreaming.
  • Flow of Energy.
  • Increase of Intuition.
  • Manifesting Things into Your Life.
  • Increasing Power.
  • Reaching your Wholeness.

Best Moon Crystals

When you want to feel the full power of the full moon then you need to manifest things into your life. Manifesting happens during the full moon and will be important to your energy.

The light of the moon is something that can never be hidden and when it happens you see it. It can challenge you and if you don’t slow down then you won’t see the progress of this energy. Things have to happen in your present past in order for you to be able to know what to do in the future.

The full moon energy will protect you and will help you to know what direction that you need to go. Also, full moon power can also increase your intuition and help you to connect to the divine.

Letting Crystal Energy Flow

Here are some of the best crystals for energy:


This is energy that can help you to connect with the psychic world. It can increase your intuition and it can help you to get messages from the spiritual world. Once you call on the power of this stone then you will see that the power is protected.


Labradorite is a stone that is flashy and reflective. The moon light can reflect on this and the energy of the full moon will increase your spirit. You will see that when you use this crystal that you will be able to promote lucid dreaming.

This stone also works great when you want to have lucid dreams, intuitive dreams, and astral projection dreams. These dreams can bring you out of the world experiences.

Rainbow Moonstone

The Rainbow Moonstone is a stone that is white. It also can come in gray or other colors, and it can bring dreams to your life. This stone works with the lunar cycle and can benefit you by tuning into the moon. If you want to have lunar practice, use this crystal.

White Moonstone

The White Moonstone looks like the moon. If you feel like things in your life are missing, then you need to use this stone by your side. It has a strong energy that can manifest things to your life.

Doing a Full Moon Practice

The full moon can increase your psychic gifts. The best way to do this is to use cartomancy. Cartomancy is using divination to read cards. You can do this during the full moon by using tarot cards and doing a reading.

Eight Card Spread

Use an eight-card spread after you shuffle your tarot cards. Put eight cards in a circle and put them starting at the 12 o’clock position. Once you pull eight cards then look at the symbols and images of the card and find out what the cards mean. Here are the meanings with the moon:

  • 1 card: This represents the new moon and opportunities.
  • 2 card: This is the waxing crescent moon and represents manifesting things in your life.
  • 3 card: This card is about the first quarter moon and represents communicating in your relationships.
  • 4 card: This is a card that means giving and getting advice. It works with the waxing gibbous moon.
  • 5 card: This is the card that shows you things about your intuition. It is a full moon card.
  • 6 card: This card works with the waning gibbous moon and reminds you of things you need to reflect on.
  • 7 card: This card shows you the benefits of being independent. It works with the last quarter moon.
  • 8 card: The card means that you can release things and move forward. This works with the waning crescent moon.

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