Tarot Advice on Complicated Romance

Love can be complicated and when you are in a place where your romance is complicated, you might need to find someone that can help you. Almost everyone has some kind of love triangle here or there, but the idea of families is monogamy and families, but these are things that don’t usually fit in that category. When being in this kind of situation, it can cause hearts that are broken, and it can make people in the situation to look bad.

Tarot readings can help you when you are going through hard things in love. You might need to find someone to fall in love with you and this can help you with that as well. If you need advice on your complicated love life, talk to a psychic to help you.

  • Knight Cards

These are cards in a tarot reading that can show you that you are high energy, and you like to seek out thrills. You might be someone that is looking for a husband that is high up in the business line such as a manager or a CEO. This can be someone that has good energies and lots of charisma. If you are competing for a knight to love, you then you might need to look at their goals before you ever make a decision to be with them.

  • Page Cards

These are cards that show creativity and when you are around someone that is this card, you will feel like you are dating someone like your parent or someone like your child. This can be a person that loves to have attention and someone that might need to have a responsible adult in their life.

When you get int this relationship, you need to find out if this is really what you want and if you want to be someone that has to be their savior or if you want to provide for them. They might feel that you should be the one that coddles them, pays their rent, gives them your time when they want you to and all of that stuff that might get old.

  • King and Queen Cards

These cards are mature cards, and they show someone that can do what they need to do to get things done. They work together because they are a pair. If you are with this person, you might find that you are odd in the relationship and if you find that you are, you might need to make sure that you aren’t going to get replaced.

  • Two of Swords

The Two of Swords card is a person that has a hard time making choices. If you want to get their attention, don’t expect that they will choose you or be serious about you. You have to get used to this or you need to just move on and find someone else. You could be waiting on them forever and ever.

  • The Chariot Card

This card shows a skilled person that is a jokey and it can suggest that they are putting other things as their object of affection instead of you. It can show that they want to give their attention to money, their job and their ego and they don’t super care how you feel. Don’t give them a free pass to be with you, make them give you the attention you deserve.

  • Three of Cups Card

This card will show up as a maiden dancing in the moon. This isn’t a bad romance, and they are people that will treat you equally to how you treat them. This can come with some tension though but that will inspire you to be more creative and expressive. Most likely though this isn’t going to be a long-term relationship so be careful.

  • The Five of Wands Card

A card of this will show you that your love life is at a standstill. This can be a time that you need to resolve love and it can also mean that you need to fix things that have been ruined such as your relationship, your marriage, your reputation, or other things.

  • Four of Cups Card

This card can represent someone that is never pleased with the things that they have. They might want to flirt with other people even though they are married, and they are never quite secure. The problem isn’t with you, but the problem is with their character. Even if you could get to a place where they would leave their spouse, they will be self-absorbed and will likely treat you the same.

Final Thoughts

Tarot cards are full of symbols and will show you how your love life might look. It can suggest different challenges and ideas that you might face and what you need to do to get through things in a positive and healthy way.

If your relationship is out of whack and you aren’t sure what to do, get a tarot card reading with a gifted psychic and you will get the interpretation that you need to figure out the details of your love life.

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