What is Channeling Spirits?

Mediumship and channeling are mostly the same thing. These are ways that you can communicate with the spirits that have crossed to the other side. There are spirits that visit the earth and they can connect with the living and give information.

Kinds of Mediumship

There are many kinds of mediumship, some psychic mediums will actually see or hear the spirits and others will just see signs of them or images in their mind. You can use all of these together when you are channeling.

Spirits don’t always just come when you ask them to come, sometimes they will and sometimes they won’t. Spirits aren’t just there walking around waiting for someone to contact them either and they have things that they are doing. When they come through during a reading, they don’t always answer the questions that you have either and so it is totally up to them as to what is going to be said.

The spirits will sometimes come and will show up in funny ways like flickering the lights, turning the television on or something else to show you that they are there. They often show up when family members are upset or hurting.

How Mediums Communicate

A medium can talk to the spirits and they can listen to them in a certain way. The spirits come through to the earth and they try to lower their vibrations so that they can match the medium and then the medium and the spirit can communicate. The way that the communication goes depends on how available the spirit and the medium is and some of the messages can be very clear and some can be very unclear.

The medium cannot control how the message comes through. Sometimes a spirit will give a message as a symbol like a number. This can mean something important to the person that is getting the reading. This could be a number that has to do with someone in the family or a sign to prove that the spirit is who they are ttying to talk to.

Final Thoughts

There are many people that are skeptical about channeling. Some will hear of spirits coming through but they won’t get the right information that they need to be able to know that the medium is really communicating with that specific spirit. This is completely up to the medium and the client to figure out and to know if the spirit is the right one.

Don’t be frustrated if you get a mediumship reading and you don’t get the answers that you need right away. This can take time and you might have to have multiple meetings before the spirit is able to really communicate. Find a psychic medium today if you feel that you need to have some closure over a loved one that has passed to the other side.

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