Finding Your Patron Deity

Do you have a god or goddess that you have as a go-to person that you look up to and that helps you? Have you ever heard of a patron deity? Do you want to connect with a god or goddess to help you when you are doing certain spells? Are you wondering which gods or goddesses can help you when you are doing magic? When you set your intentions, you should always find your patron deity and let them help you with their unique teaching powers.

Why Do You Need a Patron Deity?

A patron deity can be someone that is your best friend. Before you ever begin though finding which one you connect best with, you should do your research. You should find which ones have the power and the strength that you need.

As you research the different gods and goddesses, you will see that there are some that you might be drawn to and that you might feel a connection with that is not like the other ones. Even if you aren’t sure if you need a patron deity in your life, here are some tips if you decide that you do:

Connecting with a Patron Deity

There are certain ways that you can connect with a patron deity. This can be someone that you feel a magnetic connection to. This god or goddess might come to you across your newsfeed, or you might feel that you are connected to them when their image comes to your mind.

Some people will be able to use their intuition to know which god or goddess is their patron deity while others might have to really do some research.

Don’t get upset if you don’t find out which one you are mostly connected with right away. Be patient and ask the gods and goddesses that are meant to come into your life to show up and to show you that they are meant to be there. This is one of the best ways that you can embrace your connection with them.

Honoring Your Gods and Goddesses

You can honor your gods and goddesses and your patron deity by offering them a commitment in your life. One of the ways that you can do that is to spend time meditating and calling on them whenever you have a quiet time with yourself.

You can also try to pray to them, offer them positive affirmations, set up an altar to them and leave them certain gifts and you can do whatever you feel called to in order to let them know that you love and respect them and that you are thankful for the connection with them.

Final Thoughts

Once you meet your god or goddess you will know that you are meant to have them as your patron deity. This is a way that you will be strong in your spirit, and you will be able to be guided by them.

Always set your intentions high on them and they will become one of the best friends that you could ever ask for.

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