Is He Emotionally Attached to You?

There are different kinds of emotional attachments, and the signs can be there right in your face, or they can be subtle. When a guy is emotionally attached to you there are some things that you will notice such as the fact that he is always wanting to show you off.

He will make it a point to make sure that people see you together and that they know that he is attracted to you in all ways. He will want others to know that he is invested in you and that he wants you to be involved in other aspects of his life.

This is a guy that wants to be in a long-term relationship with you and he wants the world to know it.

Here are some other signs he is emotionally attached to you:

  • Exclusive

You are the person that he wants to be with. He doesn’t want a casual relationship and he wants you to know that you are the only woman for him.

  • Checking In

He will check in on you each day and night and make sure that you are okay.  He is always thinking about you and always wants you to know that he is committed to you.

  • Physical Care

He will hold your hand, kiss you on the cheek, sit next to you and show you physical attraction. This doesn’t have to be sex.

  • Protective

He will protect you and make sure that no one is bothering you. He will also make sure that you walk on the inside when you are walking by the road, he will keep you dry in the rain by holding an umbrella over you and if he thinks someone is going to hurt you, he will stop it.

  • Communicating

Men don’t always communicate well but when he is emotionally attached to you then he will talk about things with you. He will share his feelings and emotions and he will spend hours talking to you about important and not so important things.

  • Vulnerable

A man that is emotionally attached to you will be vulnerable with you. They will tell you about what scares them and about things in their past that are secret to them. They want you to know everything about them.

  • He Cares About Your Wellbeing

Here are some things he might do:

  • Whatever it takes to spend time with you.
  • Show interest in your life.
  • Show concern when you are stressed or upset about something.
  • Express disappointment if he can’t see you.
  • Protect you from people that aren’t treating you right.

Final Thoughts

Some people like to have this kind of attachment, but others feel uncomfortable with this. If you don’t want this kind of attachment, then you need to make sure that you are speaking up and letting this guy know that it isn’t what you want.

Always have boundaries and make sure that you are firm in your answers. Tell the person that you don’t want them to invest in you and that they need to back off some. If you like hanging out with them, just tell them that you enjoy their company but that they are crossing lines.

You can tell them that you feel uncomfortable and that you just want to be friends. Everyone has emotional attachments with someone here and there but if you don’t like it then you need to be firm in what you want. It is better to be direct than to be miserable.

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