Opening Your Chakra Energies

Chakra energy is found inside of your body. There are seven chakras that work with different parts of the body and when they are balanced, they can bring you peace and harmony. But, when these chakras are blocked, it can cause you to have struggles and to have to face challenges.

Chakras help to keep your mind, body, and soul strong, and they can bring peace when they are balanced and grounded.


The chakras that you have are part of your physical and spiritual being. Here are the different chakras and what they do:


This is also called the root chakra and is found at the bottom of the spine. It is where your survival instincts come from and when this is balanced you feel secure and strong.


The sacral chakra is found in the lower part of the stomach, and it is where you have your sexual desires and your dreams. You can balance this chakra and you will be able to reach the passions that you have in your life.


The solar plexus chakra is the place where your destinies lie. It is how you pursue your dreams and how you know what you are meant to do.


The heart chakra is found in the middle of your chest. It is where love and compassion come from. When it is balanced it allows you to show empathy to friends, family, and strangers. It allows you to accept others.


The throat chakra is found in the throat and is where your communication comes from. Having a balanced throat chakra means that you can speak the truth and you can talk to people and form connections.


The third eye chakra is found in the middle of your forehead and is where your spiritual awareness comes from. You will see as you meditate, and you look at your life then you can find the guidance that you need.


The crown chakra is found at the top of your head and is where you reach your higher self. You can gain your intuition and you can develop this and get visions and other spiritual things.

Opening Up Your Chakras

Here are some ways that you can open up your chakras:

Love Your Relationships

You will find the importance of relationships when your heart chakra is open. This is a time where you can show loyalty and where you can be loving and kind.

If you are being selfish and you are not showing care and love to others, it can mean that your heart chakra is blocked. You can open this chakra by doing yoga such as the lotus pose. You can also chant the Shuni mundra that can bring you peace. Always be thankful for what you have.

Go to the Root

The root chakra is able to help you connect with the world around you. When you feel open and stable then your chakra is balanced and strong. If you are someone that is materialistic or you feel that you are stressed all the time, it is probably blocked.

Take time to tune into yourself and try to do some yoga that will let you have a deeper meaning in yourself. You can also ground yourself by going out in nature and hugging a tree, walking barefoot in the dirt or gardening.

Say What You Mean

Your throat chakra will help you to say what you mean and to be honest. It will help you to communicate and listen to people around you. If you feel that you are not able to be honest or you feel insecure, this can be a blocked chakra.

Open up your throat chakra by relaxing, meditating and focusing on what is true in your life.

Be Aware

The third eye chakra helps you to be aware of what you are doing in your life. If it is balanced, you will be encouraged and you will see things from the point of view of others. If you are making others an idol, being dehydrated or if you are always daydreaming, this can mean you are blocked.

Open your third eye chakra by doing yoga such as the lotus pose. You can do this while you deep breathe and focus on your third eye. Reflect on yourself and what you need.


You can meditate in order to make sure that your chakras are balanced and strong. Here is how to do chakra meditation:

  • Sit in a place that is comfortable and calm.
  • Focus on your chakras.
  • Focus on your deep breathing and on your chakras.
  • Focus on your heart beating and let it go through your body.
  • Listen to the sounds around you and let your energy grow.
  • Pay attention to your aura getting stronger and imagine the light surrounding you.
  • Let the light move through all of your chakras and focus on each chakra, don’t miss any.
  • Imagine your chakras and your aura getting stronger.

Know Your Emotions

The sacral chakra is where your emotions come from and when your emotions are healthy and strong, your chakra is balanced. If you feel overly sensitive or if you feel overly sexual, your chakra might be unbalanced.

Open your sacral chakra while doing yoga and relaxing and focusing on your sacral chakra opening up.

Find Your Spiritual Being

The crown chakra is where you will reach your spiritual self. It is where you will have desires to be better and to interact and connect with the spiritual world.

To open your crown chakra, you need to put your hands on your body and concentrate on light moving through your spiritual being. Breathe and let your emotions that are negative go.

Have Confidence

You can be more confident in your life, and you might see that by doing this, you will be less aggressive. You will see that you can make decisions in your life.

By opening your chakra, you can put your hands on your stomach, and you will be able to deep breathe until you feel relaxed and calm.


Use crystals to open up your chakras. Each of your chakras work with a different color and so find the color that fits with the chakra that you think is blocked:

  • Root chakra: Use smoky quartz, black obsidian, or red jasper. You can use other brown, red, or black stones.
  • Sacral chakra: amber, copper and fire opal are some of the best stones. You can use any that are brown or orange.
  • Solar plexus: Use topaz, citrine or tiger’s eye.
  • Heart chakra: Using pink or green stones such as emerald, rose quartz or malachite can open up this chakra.
  • Throat chakra: This works with the color blue so try blue topaz, aquamarine or even celestite.
  • Third eye chakra: Use purple or violet stones such as blue tourmaline or lapis lazuli.
  • Crown chakra: Use clear quartz, amethyst, or selenite stones.

Final Thoughts

The chakras represent your energy centers and your life force. If you feel that your chakras are unbalanced or blocked, try some of the things above to get them back in order. Having a strong chakra center will keep you strong and healthy.

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