Being Mindful of Moon Phases

There are many people that see the importance of the moon phases, and this is something that can be put along with things like crystals, tarot, chakra cleansing and even casting spells in order to make things powerful

People want to connect with the moon and when someone works with the moon phases and they do moon rituals, they can see that their intuition can guide them and they can use it to help them in different cycles, even a woman’s menstrual cycle.

You can be mindful of your self-care, and you can use the rituals of the moon to help you with this. The moon can help you to be your best spiritual self and even though this can be a lonely time for people, when you create a space to use moon magic, you will see that the moon will comfort you and connect you with who you are meant to be connected with.

If you are someone that wants to work with moon magic and you aren’t sure how, keep reading.

Understanding Moon Rituals

Moon rituals are things that have been done even since ancient times. Even during the times of Babylon, people would use moon rituals to make a space that helped them to set intentions and to feel powerful. This is one thing that works with self-care because you will learn to meet your needs and to reach your goals.

There are different phases of the moon, eight to be exact, but most people only use the power of the full and new moon. The sun and the moon line up during the new moon which is a masculine and feminine energy. This is a time for positive changes.

When the moon is full, the moon is feminine and works with intuition and creativity. It is a time to bring insight to your life and to pay attention to the things in your life that empower you. You can use the full moon to empower you and use the new moon for banishing spells.

There are no real bad times to use the moon and to do moon rituals because the moon is a magical thing. Since people are made up of such a large percentage of water and since the tides are affected by the cycles of the moon, this is also a time that you can see that this can bring spiritual changes and growth.

Moon rituals should be done based on what you are going through. If you are full of negative emotions or if there are people around you that are hurting you and you have lost your power, this can be a time to use a moon ritual.

Manifesting with the Moon Phases

You can manifest yourself with the moon power and connect to yourself on a deep level. There are people that understand that the moon cycles are important, and they are mindful of how they feel. They know that they can use the moon to feel better. As the moon changes and goes through cycles, this can be a time that you have changes and a time that you can get into control.

Set your intentions and let your situations get better. Empower yourself and do things like meditate and journaling. Do this when the moon cycles change and journal what you have went through. The new moon can help you if you need to start new or if you are going to be doing new projects.

The full moon is a time that you should celebrate the things that you had come into your life and your manifestation techniques. One way that you can start is to write a list in your journal about what you want in your life.

Set your intentions but then focus on one at a time. Then light a candle, use a crystal, herbs, essential oils, or whatever tools that you want. You can even find a moon app to help you know what cycle the moon is in at the time. Then, you can use the moon to manifest things that you want and to be in the right cycle in your ritual.

Ritual Bathing

There are moon ritual baths that you can do. When you do this on the new moon, you can burn a candle, run your bath, and think about what you want to get out of your ritual. Set your intentions. If you need to have a better job, focus on this. Find crystals that can help you to have abundance and to have favor. You can use herbs like cinnamon ore bergamot and add them to your bath or you can create your own oils.

When you need to get rid of stress, use clary sage or marjoram and keep close to you the lepidolite or blue lace agate crystals to help you feel stronger. You can even use a love recipe that will use essential oils that work with the heart chakra to open up your love and your patience.

If you want to do magic, you need to boost your intuition and your psychic gifts and you can do this with myrrh, frankincense, labradorite and amethyst crystals. Before you start, try meditating. You can even add dry flowers such as hibiscus and add whole-fat milk to the water to sooth your skin. Get rid of negative energies by smudging your bathroom and then you can relax and feel better.

Here are some other things that you can do with the moon rituals:

  • Find herbs that work with your intentions.
  • Take a moon bath every time there is a new moon and a full moon.
  • Go to a metaphysical store and find ingredients for your rituals.
  • Make sure that you look at allergies when using different oils or herbs.

Set new intentions during this time. Use a candle and set he intentions because the flame and the fire are powerful for you. Let the universe teach you things and be thankful for the flame of the candle and the wax.

Take a pen and paper and write out things that help you to be your best self. Write out things that no longer serve you. Know if you have negativity in your life that you need to get rid of. If you need to forgive yourself or others, do it.

Before doing a spell, add essential oils, flowers, herbs, whatever you wish and then do it. Take ownership of your power and say, “I am getting my power back,” and then rip it up and let your intentions be set.

Moon Ritual Meditation

Every time something stressful happens as humans we replay it over and over again. Take time to calm your mind and let the moon help you. Let the thoughts that you are having become positive. Let the universe handle your problems.

The moon is part of the emotions according to astrology and you need to be aware of the cycles that you are going through. The more connected you are to the moon the more you will be connected to the energies inside of you. Be confident of who you are and let your emotions be strong.

Honor your emotions and meditate before you go to bed. Do this especially during the waning phase of the moon. Deep breathe and allow the air to go deep inside of you and then let it out slowly. This can get rid of stress.

Finding the Moon Tribe

Astrology works with horoscopes and when mercury is in retrograde it is a time that people blame their problems on other things. People are interested in the phases of the moon and each time you have an opportunity to be better, you need to do it. Do meditation and read tarot cards to connect with the world around you.

Get involved with others that are also doing moon rituals and pay attention to what you are doing and how powerful it is.

Final Thoughts

Moon rituals can help you to care better for yourself. You can find out what your goals are and set your intentions and you will see that the moon can work for you. It can bring you peace and as long as you are mindful of what you need, the moon phases can help you. Always thank the moon for helping you.

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