What Is Your Spirit Guide Telling You?

You might wonder what your spirit guides are trying to tell you and when you look at your life, you can see that your guides are always there to serve a purpose. It helps you to be comfortable in asking whatever questions that you want and can help you to connect with your guides.

You might want to know what they are saying, and the truth is, they say a lot of things. There are different ways that you can connect with your spirit guides, but you might not always understand what they are going to tell you.

When you want to interpret a message that your guides give you, you have to learn to speak to them and to communicate with them.


How did your guides send you a message? Was it through your dreams or in the form of a song? Maybe you smelled something familiar. You need to be aware of what you are feeling in order to get the messages that your guides want to give you.

You have to make sure that you pay attention so that you don’t miss your signs and if you are hoping to get a sign from your guides, you need to know if it is a sign or something you are misinterpreting.

Does This Sign Make Sense?

There are different ways that we connect with our guides and it has to be through signs and symbols. Maybe you get a message, and you want to know if the message is something from your guides.

You might question what the message means to you and find out if it means something specific. Once you are able to know what the sign is, you can learn to understand what it means.

Who is Talking to You?

When you want to figure out a message, you need to know who is giving you the messages. If you have never talked to your guides before, you can figure out what they are saying to you by asking for the sign.

The sign can be something simple or it can be a communication that is open and heavy. No matter what you are hearing, learn something from it. Maybe you get a sign of a color, figure out what that color means to you.

Maybe your guide is trying to give you information about themselves. If this is happening, pay attention to the sign and symbols that you are getting and know what you were doing and feeling when the sign came.

Tips on Listening to Your Guides

You can always know what kind of signs that your guides are giving you when you learn to communicate with them.

Try to double check your messages that you are getting and see if you are interpreting them correctly.

Ask Someone

If you need help interpreting your guides messages, ask a psychic to help you figure out what the signs mean. When you talk to someone professional, tell them all of the things that you know and have them to help you.

Understand Your Guides

Everyone has guides but not everyone takes time to get to know them.  Ask your guides questions so that you can figure out who they are.


Do not give up if you do not hear from your guides right away. Learn to honor them by developing your messages and by listening beyond the words that you are hearing. Doing this can help you to reach your guides.

Never give up and keep practicing until you hear your guides, and you are able to interpret their messages.

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