What Exactly are Angel Numbers?

Do you ever look and see repeating numbers on your phone such as 11:11 or buy something that totals an angel number of like $3.33? Or many you noticed that your favorite song plays at 2:22. Any of these examples could be angel numbers. Angel numbers are numbers that come as coincidences are not coincidences at all but they are signs from angels.

Angel Numbers

There are angel numbers that work with numerology and these are numbers that repeat. This could be numbers like 333 or 444 or it could be in a pattern like 234 or even 8181. These kinds of numbers are given to you for a reason and the reasons are normally because the angels want to give you a message.

These kinds of numbers offer signs from your angels, ancestors, spirits, guides or other spirits that are trying to reach out to you. Your angel numbers can come to show you that you are on the right path of your journey and they can show you how powerful that you are.

Repeating numbers are very powerful and they have been powerful for years. Even Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher found it important to have solutions that worked with the vibration of numbers. He believed that numbers had their own vibrations and this works even with angel numbers. Angel numbers can give you a mysterious message and rather you believe these numbers are from angels or not, they are still special and make an impression on most that see them.

Why Are Angel Numbers Important?

Angel numbers can mean different things and they can be linked to your birth and to your zodiac signs. You can even find angel numbers in astrology and they can be used to calculate your life path number. The zodiac can tell a lot about your personality and your numbers surrounding this can give you other information about who you are.

Angel numbers can help you to know what kind of encounters and connections that you have with the universe and with the spiritual world. These numbers are important, and you should always pay attention to them.

Astrology, palm reading, and more are all considered subjective. Free will plays a strong role in what happens in your life, and this can play a role in your perspective. Before you make your own ideas on your angel numbers and how they affect you, you need to look at what your relationship is with your spirit self.

Finding Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are seen as something that is magical sometimes and mysterious. They can show up on your watches, on alarms, on music sheets, as addresses, license plates or more. They might show up as a price you pay for something or even on a trip itinerary. This could happen based on what is going on in the spiritual world around you. They can be used to give you a reminder that you are doing things good in your life and that you are living the right mission.

Each of these numbers have a purpose and the angel numbers can help you to know the right way to go and if you need to change anything. Most of the time though angel numbers are showing you that you are doing a great job in your life.

What Do Angel Numbers Mean?

Angel numbers have their own meaning. Some will see the numbers like 333 and this can mean that they are on the right path. Angel numbers come and go and if you see some you should write it down before they leave your mind. This way you can look at the relationship that you have with these numbers and what they mean in your life.

Numerology shows different symbols and different relationships with numbers. You can find out what these numbers mean and see if they are associated with your life.


Numbers that are zeroes can mean that you are going to face new things. You could see this as three or four numbers such as 000 or 0000. When you are starting a new thing, you might see that you are about to reach your heart desires. You can make big decisions at this time that will help you.


One is a powerful number, and you can see this in three or four digits. This is a time that you can plant a seed and you can see things happen from the universe. This is a time that your angels can help you and keep you connected.


Two is a balanced number and a number that can come in a pattern of three or four. This can mean that you are going to see someone in the spiritual or physical that will help you. They will show you which way you need to go. This can also be a time you meet someone you trust.


Three is a number that is magnetic. It can mean that you are going to see opportunities that will reflect your talents. This number can mean that your gift will help to bring balance to your life. This number can be seen in three or four.


Fours are a symbol that can mean that you are grounded and that you are going to get the help that you need. If you are working on a project, this number can mean that you are going to have power.


Seeing a five can mean that you have been stuck but there is going to be a shift. It can be a number that means you are on the right path in your life.


The 6’s are numbers that people are sometimes afraid of. It is a number that is often associated with some kind of religion. This number can be seen in three or four sets and it doesn’t have a negative meaning. This can mean that you are someone that is an empath and that you have a lot of compassion for people. It can mean you are kind and that you are able to see that things happen for a reason.


Seven is considered a lucky number and it can be an angel number if it is in three or four digits. It is one that can mean that you are going to have strong finances and that you are going to have jobs that will bring income to you. This is a perfect expression number and means good energies.


The 8’s are numbers that are divine. When seen in three or four it can mean that you are seeing the universe in a different way. It can mean infinity and it can be a loop that never ends. Don’t be afraid to open up your intuition if you have angel numbers.


The number 9 is one that can mean things are coming to an end. It can be a sign that means that you are on a new journey. It is a time that you need to get out of your comfort zone and take chances. Don’t be afraid when you see this number.

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