Getting Rid of Energy Cords

Most people will cut cords so that they can let go of the energy of someone in their life and they can move away from them. When we are close to certain people, we form energy bonds that are energy cords that link us to them.

These cords are etheric and when you meditate or you talk to a psychic, you can see these cords because they are dark colored. This is a bonding that can just be a small or skinny cord with light, or it can have a strong and heavy cord that goes throughout the chakras.

This can also be multiple cords that will be attachments in your life with your sexuality or your emotions or more.

A person that will want to see their relationship grow or evolve will need to cut cords that bind them to other relationships. When you do this, you are getting rid of the energy of someone that you are connected with and someone that you share a strong emotional bond with.

This can be a bond that was created through trauma or pain or events that took place in your life. This can include things like promises, ex or even just having strong feelings for that person.

When you have these corded attachments, it can take your chakra and connect you with other people. This is why if you have a strong energy with someone or one of your chakras seem to be unbalanced, this can be why.

If your heart has been broken or if you feel that you have been betrayed by a friend or a loved one, you will have a cord that connects your heart chakra to that person heart chakra and that means that the energy will still be there to connect you to them, even after a long time.

Even though you may no longer talk to this person or be around them, you can still be connected to their energy which will lead you to pain and suffering. You might think that you have finished with that relationship, but they can still be draining your emotions and they can still be holding you back.

When you care about someone else, the problem is not the cord, the cord is there to get the energy to be strong between you and that person. The more energy that you give to someone, the bigger the cord is, and this is normal in a relationship that is healthy.

Thinking about your chakra means that you know that you communicate with people in your life. There are cords of communication that you can attach to another person, and this can also hold you back.

No cord is meant to last forever, and you can cut these cords. The way that you handle this is up to you and you do not have to put effort into keeping ties that are holding you back.

When you want to cut cords, make sure that you are aware of what you want and that you want to get rid completely of the past relationship. You want to cut the cord and make sure that you are no longer attached to that person. When you close this off, you can move to other relationships and experience new things that can make you feel good in your life.

By not cutting the cords, you will get stuck in karmic relationships and you will see the same patterns over and over again. This will more than likely lead you to heartbreak and pain. The experiences of your past relationships need to be broken and the cords cut so that you can no longer be connected to that person.

Painful things that happen in your life that were carried from your past stay in your soul memory even when you start your next relationship. When you have energy cords that you have n to cut, it will cause you to continue to feel things such as anger or hurt.

When another relationship comes to you, you will still have these feelings from the past relationship and the pattern will keep repeating. You will make sure that you have the same experiences which will cause blockages in your chakras, and they will make you have negative frequencies in your life.

Karmic relationships are often love and hate relationships form the past and when you resolve these and you pay back your karma, you can move on but sometimes, these things will come back to you. These are called karmic ties and they are there to tie you to past relationships.

You need to get rid of this connection and reach your higher self. You need to not have someone come back to you in your life or your future and once you get rid of these karmic ties, you can be stronger.

Cutting cords does not mean that you can no longer be in a relationship with someone, what it means is that you are not being codependent and you are having a healthy relationship instead of a karmic tie.

Having a real union means that there is love and that there is giving from both sides. When two people give of themselves completely, they will no longer feel longing or lacking in their relationship and they will not want to change the other person.

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