Being an Empath and Being Empathetic

There is a big difference between being empathetic and being an empath. Being empathetic means that you are able to understand what someone is going through and to have love and compassion for them. Being an empath is deeper and means that you will have sensitivity but that you are also able to pick up the energy of people, places, and things. This will affect your body and your mind and your balance in life.

Are You an Empath?

You can ask these questions to see if you might be an empath:

  • When were you growing up did you have a hard time fitting in?
  • Do you give yourself to others and find yourself being overwhelmed?
  • Are you very sensitive to sounds, light, smells and have a hard time in big crowds?
  • Do you use your intuition often?
  • Can you read people easily?
  • Do you have a hard time with boundaries?
  • Do you take on the energy of others that isn’t your own?
  • Can life stress you fast?
  • Do you do things to not be in conflict or drama?
  • Do you struggle with your own body?
  • Are you always asked to solve problems for others?
  • Can you recharge and relax your energy in nature?
  • Do you love animals?
  • Do you have a hard time stopping caring for someone even if it means peace for you?
  • Do you see things different than others do?
  • Do you shut down often?

Growing as an Empath

When you are small or young, you don’t know what life all is about. You might want to cope with it, and you might struggle understanding it. You may feel that you don’t fit in, and you might want to run away from it all.

It is hard when you are young to figure out how to understand and fit int eh world. You might want to do this later but dread that it will be hard for you. It is easier to understand yourself than you realize and learn to take your energy as an empath and go with it.


This is a time where you can figure out what you are and who you are. You can learn to grow and experience things that are new for you. You can let go of negative energy and raise your vibrations as you fix your life.

People that are intimidated with who they are will often hide what they are feeling and will be guarded. Learn to open up and show others who you are so that you can understand who you are and let others help you on a deeper level.


You can learn to become more empowered once you realize who you are. This can bring you peace and joy and help you to see that you are making a difference in life. Your gifts and your abilities are strong, and they are not a curse like you think that they are.

You can be more aware of the energies around you and how they come to you. You will see that you can observe things and that you will be able to acknowledge your different energy levels and what is happening in your life. You can make a spiritual attachment and let go of beliefs that are holding you back. Learn to have inner power and learn to reach a deeper level. Become like fire and allow your energy to increase.

One of the best things about being an empath is that you can take the negative energy and put white light to it, and it can become good energy. This is what an empath does, heals others.

Empowered As an Empath

Here are some ways that you can become empowered as an empath:

Higher Self

You need to reach in and find your higher self. Figure out who you are and get rid of the negativity in your life. Let yourself be empowered and do not let fear control you. Don’t hide who you are or isolate yourself. Stop trying to fit in with others and learn to not let your ego guide you.

Accept Yourself

You have to learn to love and accept who you are. This is how you will get rid of old beliefs. You can let go of issues that you have had with yourself and with others as you learn to accept who you are. You will see that you have many skills and that your abilities will continue to grow.

This is like having a superpower and you need to not think of it as a weakness but a power. Once you accept who you are, you will have a deeper and more rewarding experience.

Getting a Happy Life

Use the power that you have to be positive. Get rid of toxic thinking and things in your life and plant seeds of desire. Find things that give you energy and make you feel good. Remember that energy is your highest vibration.

Figure out what your goals and dreams are and reach them. The universe will help you along your journey.

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