Finding Your Inner Goddess

People sometimes hear “goddess” used as a term for how we live our life. This is often an image that we look at with Hollywood or with Greek mythological characters. It can feel that it is a place where we want to be as a strong woman and there is much about a goddess and how they live. A goddess is someone that is virtuous and is full of love and compassion for others. She is one that is loving and delicate, but she is also a warrior that will work hard to reach her goals. She is a woman that is able to have all of these things but what we often don’t know is how to become one.

Being a goddess and having the goddess power is deeper than how someone looks. It is a place where we choose to live our life and be confident in who we are without judging ourselves or others. It is when we embrace what we look like from every curve, with or without makeup and we choose to wear and act however we want. We don’t follow trends and we feel self-confident in all we do.

Women have many choices in how they dress and how they look. They should never consider this a bad thing because no matter how many curves that you have, there are people that are different and similar than you. All shapes and forms can be goddess and you need to love your physical body and how you look in a way that you never go back.

No matter what society says you have to see yourself as beautiful. Your ancient female ancestors were never controlled about how they looked, and no one ever talks about them having to figure out how to accept themselves or how to love. Remember that you need to embrace how you look and feel good about what is inside and outside of yourself.


Do not worry about how you handle yourself if you are overly sensitive or strong. Your emotions are your own and you should never have to answer for that. Stand for what you believe and let your emotions be what they are. A goddess has no lover deeper than for her children and you need to release these inner feelings.

Pay attention to how your emotions run and never hide them or feel that you should put them aside in any situation. If you feel that you are out of control, meditate. Take time to stay calm and to know yourself. Goddesses do not fight, nor do they take advantage of others. Keep your honor and know the truth.

Other Women

You need to stand for other women and love them. Other women play a role in your life to support you and love you. As a woman, you should put other women on pedestals, and you should embrace them. You should hope that they are good, and you should encourage them. There will be some that are smarter or better looking than you but that is okay.

Once you know yourself and you have good self-worth, you will learn to embrace the beauty of other women as well.

Caring for Yourself

You will experience times in your life that is hard. You will have to be responsible for things and you will have to help others and learn to nurture people. You need to learn to take care of yourself so that you are not left drained and tired.

Learn a self-care routine that will keep you strong. Learn to meditate and use crystals while you meditate to keep you protected and strong. Find a self-care regime that will keep you strong and will help you to grow. Keep your diet strong and exercise often. Always be mindful of what you put into your body.

Go out and walk and exercise. Go into nature and let nature fill you with peace and happiness. Be present in what is happening around you.

Walking Alone

You might have found that your self-care activities leave you alone, but you also need to spend time with those you love. Being with people that love you will help your mind, body, and soul to be strong.

You need to take time to travel and visit other people. You might even need to spend time alone where you can bask in your thoughts. Go out and eat by yourself and be happy with people or with yourself.


Having your inner goddess is what makes you a powerful woman. You are blessed with different features and qualities that the universe gave you so that you can nurture others and survive.

No matter what gives you your power, be strong and always be honest. Do not take advantage of people or neglect your own self. Be responsible for what you need to do and never neglect yourself.

Be mindful of your inner goddess and keep yourself grounded and present in today. Know what is important in your life and learn from things that make you even better.

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