How Does Your Past Life Affect You Now?

Do you ever feel that your life has been written down and that certain things that you have done are destiny? If you have experienced this, chances are that your karma from the past is showing up and you don’t even know it.  Karma can be memories of past things that we have done.  Karma can come back as good or as bad and then it goes into an action.

When there are different circumstances or situations in your life where you are struggling or when things don’t seem right, this can be part of your past karma.


Karma will never go away, but it can be changed. I f you have a lot of bad karma that you have made in your life, you can change it by doing good things.  To understand your past life karma, you have to understand that your past experiences will have to do with what you are going through now,

If you keep failing your relationships or if you lack motivation, you might be facing karma from your past.


When you realize what is happen in your life, you have to understand that things don’t happen by chance.  It can be the energy of your spirits that causes things to happen.  You might meet certain strangers that seem close to you or you might feel that you are out of control.

You might wonder why certain people are in your life and when you try to answer these questions, the answers might not be easy, but they are worth understanding.

Good Karma

When you find the answers to your questions, you will come to realize that each person that comes in your life is a learning lesson.

When you have done bad things in your past, it is important that you experience your bad karma so that you can learn a lesson.  Once you have learned your lesson, your bad karma can move on and it can become good karma.

Once you start experiencing good karma, chances are that you are doing the right thing and that life is transforming from a lesson to a positive.  These lessons will always connect you to a higher purpose and will help you with your future destination.


When you are dating someone or you come across a person that teaches you something, the universe is allowing you to learn a lesson.  The lesson is something that can help you to be fulfilled and help you to move on in your life towards true love and happiness.

If they are meant to show you something or to teach you, always be open to them and always pay attention.  Pay attention to the things that are always happening around you and see if there is some kind of pattern.

Your life can seem out of control one minute, but it can end up in line as soon as your learning session is over.

Always take each learning session ad a good thing and be grateful to the universe and your spirit guides for guiding towards a better and a happier life.

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