Chakra Balancing Exercises

There are seven main chakras that each have an association with an image, sound, color, element, and other retributes. Even though the chakras are part of us as energetic bodies, they can affect all of our layers. In Sanskrit, chakra literally means wheel, lending itself to movement. The chakras thusly, draw in and move around life force energy through the body and outward.

The best way to explore and learn about chakras is through an embodied experience. Below are a few chakra balancing exercises to help you stay healthy and balanced. Each takes about 5 minutes and does not require anything other than yourself.

Breathe and Alignment

Where ever you happen to be, get started.

  • Find your natural spine alignment and imagine the top of your head floating comfortably over the tailbone tip.
  • Be aware of your breathe as you soften your gaze or close your eyes.
  • When inhaling, allow energy to flow from the tailbone upward and on the exhale, the energy flows back down.
  • Do this at least three times to harmonize each chakra from crown to root.

Root Chakra aka Muladhara

  • Connect to the earth with your feet
  • Rest your hands palms down on the thighs
  • Take three slow breathes in and out as you visualize red energy moving outward and downward from the tip of the tailbone.
  • Repeat the affirmation: With this I am grounded

Sacral Chakra aka Svadhistana

  • Rock slowly with the lower back and belly forward and gently
  • Rest your hands below the navel while visualizing orange energy emanating
  • Take three slow, relaxed breathes while saying: I am present in this moment

Solar Plexus Chakra aka Manipura

  • Gently twisting the spine in either direction, rest the hands on the waist
  • Visualize yellow energy emanating from the upper belly and side body toward the middle back
  • Breathe slowly while repeating: I am centered

Heart Chakra aka Anahata

  • While rolling the shoulders up towards the ears and back several times, bring the palms together at chest level with thumbs against the body
  • Visualize green energy emanating from the front, back, sides, upper back, and chest as you breathe slowly and repeat: I am balanced

Purification Chakra aka Visshudha

  • Slowly roll the head in full or half circles then touch both the middle finger and thumb together while resting your hands against your body
  • Visualize a light blue energy emulating from the shoulders to the ears as you slowly breathe and repeat: I am peaceful

Inner Eye aka Ajna

  • With eyes closed, focus on the area between the brows
  • Place the palms together and bring the thumbs to the sides of the bridge of the nose as the head rests lightly
  • Visualize a deep blue energy emanating from the base of the skull and forehead as you take deep breaths and repeat: I am clear

Crown Chakra aka Sahasrara

  • While bringing awareness to the space above the top of the head and the top of the head where a crown would rest, join the index finger and thumb together, palms up against the body
  • Visualize violet energy moving upward to the crown area as you breathe deeply and repeat: I am connected

As you complete all these exercises, go back to the original breathing and repeat. Pay attention to how you feel, then go about your day.

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