5 Reasons Your Psychic Abilities Disappear

Those with psychic abilities may get to the point where they suddenly wonder what happened to them. They may not even have noticed they are missing until, one day, they don’t experience them as they used to daily.

Realizing your psychic abilities are missing is one thing. Getting them back is another. The first step is to find out what happened to make them go away. The other thing to remember is psychic abilities never truly disappear. They can lie dormant because of certain factors or life events and you feel like they are gone. Most of the time, they simply need to be reawakened.

There are 5 reasons psychic abilities disappear. There are also solutions to each problem.

  1. Fear is blocking them.

Those with psychic abilities can still have their energy blocked. Fear is a primary blocker preventing abilities from being used. Those who are going through a bad time in their lives that is creating fear will notice their psychic abilities are blocked. You are, in a sense, creating your obstacles.

To resolve this, determine why you are afraid. Once you identify the real issue, you can work to resolve it.

  1. Performance anxiety will limit abilities.

This is common among professional psychics. It is tough to have your abilities required on demand. The ironic thing is that is the very thing that can prevent your psychic abilities from coming through. This can create a negative situation for both your psychic abilities and your physical health.

You may be pushing yourself too hard. Slow down and look at your career. Determine if your expectations are unreasonable considering your abilities. You can resolve this issue by reducing the number of readings a week, taking some time out for yourself to unwind, going on a mini-vacation to enjoy nature and reconnecting with beauty in art or nature.

  1. Denying abilities.

A state of denial will push away any psychic abilities you have. This is especially true for those who know they have these skills but don’t understand them. Maybe they were raised to not believe in them or think of them as evil. One of the biggest reasons people deny their abilities is to perceive themselves as “normal” and fit in.

Denial makes you tired and will affect you in any number of ways. You are who you are and you can’t escape that. You must find a way to accept you as you are, with your psychic abilities, and reconcile that with who you wish you were. Don’t worry about fitting into the world so much and live to respect yourself regardless of what others say.

  1. Stress

Stress can affect us in so many ways and an overload of it can block psychic abilities. This is commonly known as “burn out” and creates a victim out of a lifestyle that isn’t best for you.

The first thing to do is to identify why you are stressed. There could be certain situations or people causing you stress. It could be that life isn’t measuring up to your desires. Once you identify stressors, you can create remedies for each of them.

One way to reduce stress is to insert activities that benefit your health. Exercise and eating healthy meals are always good. Taking time out for yourself to unwind, especially at night, will help reduce stress.

The main thing is to realize many stressful factors have an ending point. A tough project at work, a sick child, financial problems will not last forever. Meanwhile, you can seek ways to work through each of these situations. Being proactive will give you a sense of control and reduce your stress.

  1. Life changes

There are major events that can wreak havoc with psychic abilities. Major events include marriage, death, birth, divorce, career change, job transfer, and moving. There are others, but these are the most noted.

It’s easy to understand how each of these can affect people in such a dramatic away that they cause psychic abilities to go dormant. Each results in emotion, physical stress, and mental stress.

To work through these scenarios and regain your psychic abilities, slow down. Breathe. Acknowledge the changes and realize you needed to adapt to absorb the impact.

It may be helpful to write down how these events affected your life. Examine every part of these changes. Then, think about what you can do to make the transition easier. Decide on a path to healing. Once you have created a path to work through it, you will instantly feel better and less fearful about such dramatic change.

  1. Working on developing a new level of abilities

It is common for those seeking to advance to a new level of psychic abilities to suddenly find themselves in a slump. This is part of the process because it allows you to rest and gather your energies for the next leap. Then, going to the next level is easy.

The thing to do here is simply to rest and have patience. Your energy level will be restored and you will be ready for any spiritual or cosmic transitions.

  1. Psychic attack

This is not as common as some of the other reasons, but psychic attacks can happen. When they do, your psychic abilities are futile. Those who sense your problems are originating from a source outside your everyday life should pay attention and learn to protect yourself.

You can fight a psychic attack if you act fast. Immediately put yourself in a bubble of white light. It is also best to use other methods to protect yourself including crystals or faith symbols that you find comforting. Things like mantras and prayers will increase protection around you and, eventually, your abilities will return.

Finding solutions to regain your psychic abilities are not that difficult once you identify why they stopped working in the first place. Retain a positive attitude while you work through the dilemma and be patient as you await their return.

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