Fixing Your Unbalanced Chakra

Many people are concerned that their chakras are unbalanced and want to know how to get back into balance. To do this, one must be ready for change. Transformation requires courage, but with each step, the finish line changes spots. Though this seems disheartening, if you want to move forward then that first courageous step is a must. Below are a few things that may help you realign your chakra and ultimately change your life.

Crystal Energy Healing

A great starting point is to dive into crystal energy healing. The energetic field of the body is important, but largely misunderstood. We work to make our body physically stronger, speak affirmations to build us mentally, but energetically we leave the body to suffer without help. All the words and thoughts that come from us fill the aura. Every negative thought, word, and action comes out energetically and can get stuck in the aura. This affects us and thusly, the color of the aura. The color of the aura can change rapidly with each word we speak. Our thoughts and feelings can also alter the color greatly. If you happen to have the same chronic thought, the aura can get muddied with the negativity attached to the compulsive thought. For some, this appears as a muddy, swampy green.

The same is true of our chakras. The energy gets trapped in the chakras and over time, creates an energy blockage or imbalance. This can manifest physically through the body. The body serves as a messenger for the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies that are trying to work together. This is why you need to cleanse your chakras from time to time. Crystals are one way to do this. Crystals use their electromagnetic field, EMF, which is powerful and can cleanse and align the body’s field. Crystals are a gift to be used. Add to this by working with crystals during meditation by laying them on your body, above the related chakra or simply by carrying them with you.

Clear the Junk

The next thing you can do for an unbalance of chakras is to remove and heal the junk that has gathered in them. For example, if your root chakra is imbalanced because you absolutely hate your job, each day can be a struggle to simply show up. You likely walk in with a gray cloud already forming over your head. This can cause an imbalance which makes sense. Again, using crystals, clear yourself energetically, taking care of the energetic field, but also do the related work. Try making a list of things you enjoy and actually love doing. Then, send your resume out to jobs in this area. This can alter your perspective about what is happening in your life. You are making a change for yourself and this will help clear out your related chakra as well.

There are many books on using crystals to clear chakras, as well as those that help you know if your chakras are balanced, blocked, or imbalanced. The more you learn, the more you can work in these areas. Start slow, by focusing on one specific chakra each week. As you start to see progress, you can work on several each day. This will raise your overall vibration and help you clear your chakra.

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