Signs You are an Empath Warrior

Some people think that empaths are weak, and they are not able to do things because they are highly emotional, but the truth is that empaths are really warriors. They are able to handle the emotions of other people and their own energies.

Empaths have a strong gift and are able to connect with others. Some people might not realize that they are an empath or that they have strong intuition, but they are aware that they feel frustrated and that they are tired and often do not know why. If you feel depressed or anxious then you might realize you are an empath.

In today’s world, people are often taken over by toxic things in people and things. Most empaths will say that they are introverts and they hate being in big crowds and like to be alone.

These warriors are personalities that are fearless and full of courage. They have a meaning in this world and that is to make things better. They want to have compassion for others and not love them and they care deeply for others.

Empath Warrior

You might feel that you are an introvert and not understand why but chances are that you have a big heart and that you have a message to share with people around the world. Maybe you don’t know why you hate being in crowds and you might not understand what is inside of you.

Here are some reasons why being an empath can make you a warrior and help you to understand what is going on inside of you:


An empath will often daydream so that they can get rid of their stressful feelings. Since they feel so deeply in their emotions, they often imagine things so that they can be free and feel safe. People might not have a voice for themselves and an empath will often be the voice for others.

If you find that you are dreaming and you are feeling safe while you are sitting at the table or on the couch, embrace it.


As an empath, you might imagine things in great detail. You are organized and you do what you can to keep your mind safe. You want to see things from a different point of view, and you want the messages to speak out to you.

You learn to understand what your mind is saying, and you become frustrated faster when you don’t understand your visions.


Empath warriors will struggle with things in their life. Their heart will burst and make them feel that they have forgotten others or forget to be compassionate and loving.

We all have a hard time fighting what is important in our days and we have to remember that empaths need to have people that encourage them and show them that they care. It is important to be self-aware of things in your life and to see the bigger picture.


You go back and forth about your own well-being and you forget that you have to take care of yourself. If you are an empath and an introvert, chances are you know that you have needs but you worry too much about other people to think about yourself.

You forget to focus on your own care and sometimes you feel that you are neglecting what you are called to because you feel anxious.

An empath is a warrior because they are fearless, and they fight against their feelings to be brave and to help others. You show others love and you show them that you are able to help them heal. You are aware about who you are and how you function in the world, but you often doubt yourself and find that you are insecure, you just don’t tell people.

You have habits of doing what everyone wants, and you forget to set boundaries. You sometimes feel alone or disconnected, and you forget that your life journey is not only to help others but also to take care of yourself.

Learn to embrace your role as a warrior and learn to take care of yourself and be strong so you can help others.

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