Meeting the Perfect Girl and Keeping Her

Do not get hooked up with someone until you find the kind of woman that makes you smile all the time or the one that makes your face light up when she walks into the room.

Find a lady that will be excited to see you and will go out of her way to see you at least once in her day. Keep staying single until you meet the girl that you cannot stand to be around anyone else and the kind of girl that will not walk out on you because she wants to give you all of her attention.

Stay single until you meet the girl that makes you take things slow and the one that will show you what she wants from the start and will want to know who you are.

Meet this girl that will wait for you for a long time and that will be mushy and kind and loving. Find one that knows that she loves you and has faith in who you are and encourages you. Meet the girl that will light up your life and go the extra way to make sure you are happy and smiling.

Make sure that you find the girl that is not a problem in your life and one that will make you want to laugh and cry and one that will make you feel that you have never been loved before. If you feel bad on a certain day or you aren’t feeling the best you can be, let her rescue you because she won’t be able to stand to see you upset.

She will ask you why you are upset and what she can do to make you better. She will do whatever it takes even if it is hard and even if it takes a lot of work. She will be good at making you love her, and she will never want to talk to another guy after she meets you.

It doesn’t matter how different you and her will be, stay single if you are confused. You will know when you met the person that is perfect for you and if you haven’t, just wait until you commit and find her.

When you are ready to be with her, you will know she is for you from the beginning. You will know she is the one because she will encourage you and she will take care of your emotions. She will be a cheerleader for you and will want to see you make it in every day.

She will love you and make love with you and you will have emotions like you have never had. She will give you a way to be different and even if you don’t understand her, this will be the beautify of your journey.

This kind of girl will never lie to you and will always tell you the truth. She will tell you how she feels and what she is thinking. She is going to be with you 100% of the time and she will be there to fight for you if you need her to. She will never give up on you and will keep you safe as much as she can.

She will not be a weak girl; she will love who she is, and you will be the only person that she will be able to lay eyes on. She will improve her life and be happy because of who she is. She will never look to someone else to comfort her or to date her because she will give you all the love. She will be your mate, your best friend, and your companion.

She will never stop getting excited when you walk into the room and she will blush when she talks to you. She will be the lady that you will want to spend time with.

This will be the kind of woman that will be sensitive and will never have a question but will make decisions with you. She will not break your heart and she will never leave you and will always love you.

She is someone that will know what rejection feels like and failed relationships and so she will be able to help carry the burdens of life with you and keep you happy and whole.

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