Signs of Spiritual Awakening

People that have experienced a lot of pain in their life will sometimes come to some sort of religious or spiritual awakening. People that are rich will often find a new thing to pursue besides money and even some people that feel empty will seek something different.

If you know someone who has a fear of death, chances are that that person will seek something that is spiritual so that they can find peace int heir life and they will learn to move forward until the end comes.

To get rid of our fear and our misunderstanding we will look for spiritual enlightenment and awakening and we hope to find some type of life transformation.

There are many signs that show that you are going through some type of spiritual enlightenment and that you are making changes that are getting you there.

Living Alone

Many people feel that in order to reach a higher spiritual standard that they must learn to be alone. There are times where they might become bored with their friends or feel that they need to leave them and spend time alone.

When this happens, this is one huge sign that you are on your way to a spiritual awakening.

Giving Your Attention to Work

When you start towards enlightenment, chances are you will see things are different and that you need to work harder to reach your goals.

You will come to a place where you will work towards increasing your attention to the work at hand and become more indulgent of spending time in the office.

You will become attuned to meditation and you will want to begin to do that everywhere that you go so that the time that you spend in the workplace can help you to meditate your way to spiritual freedom.

You may even choose to follow a specific teacher or guru that will change your life.

When you want to see change in your life, give more of your attention to what is important.


Your will begin to follow certain teachings and you will become sharp in your thinking like never before. You will see that what happens to you that you understand more and that you care more about it.

You will become clever in what you are thinking, and your mind will want to protect you so that you can be safe and clear about what is happening to you.

Life Patterns

When you begin to do things automatically in your life and when things become a pattern, you will notice changes that come into your thoughts and the actions that you take.

You will notice that you might compare yourself more or that you need to drink more water or that you attract negativity to your life. This is a sign that you are moving towards something more.


Separating yourself from things around you is a sign of a spiritual awakening. You will see that you are more connected to the universe and that you have an easy connection that you can make with your life.


Your attachment in life is the ego that you let overpower you. You think that what you are doing is right and when you do certain things you become attached and you feel that things are a process.

If you are not eating, your body knows and if you are thirsty, your body knows. You will begin to see that your ego is dissolving and making you a better person.


When your intuition increases and you are becoming connected to your surroundings, you will see that nature has taken a course and that you have power inside of you to work towards something good.

Fear of Death

The fear of death will no longer have a hold on you. When you begin your spiritual journey, you will see that your mind will stop being afraid of the unknown and that you will come to the point where you realize that you will become immortal.

You will see the place in your life as progressiveness and your body and mind will no longer be afraid.


When you become happy and you have ecstasy and bliss, you will realize that you are no longer being greedy and living life the old way. You will embrace a spiritual enlightenment and you will no longer be all about yourself.


When your mind and body separate, and you learn to meditate then you will see that you are doing the work that is necessary for you to grow.

This awakening does not happen overnight, but it is a process and you will be able to work through it in our life and reach your hope and your new self-being.

Spiritual Awakening

There might be a time where you forget that you were seeking to be spiritually open. Even if you were reading books and getting signs, you might come to the point where you forget about this or you become bored with this.

When that happens, you will realize that this is a natural stage in growth, and you will learn more when you meditate and figure out what you are really seeking.

Separation of Body and Mind

At first you will have a hard time meditating and you will be bored, or you will get tired of it. Later though, you will see how important it is and you will begin to separate your body and your mind, and you will keep working towards your enlightenment.

Your ideas of being tired or bored will vanish and you will become more about what your spirit wants than what the body and mind wants.

Reading Books

You might come to a point where you no longer want to read about things other than your awakening. This is a great sign that you are working towards something more.

You will see that you can read books and that you can be busy, and it will help you to find new interests in life.


When you become aware of what you are doing in life, you will learn to know that you are distracted and learn to stay more on track.

When you feel that you are able to separate your mind and body then you will not be as easy to distract, and you will learn to stay on course.


Enjoying sex is a good sign that you are becoming awakened. It is a time that you can spend with your partner and learn to enjoy.

Instead of being several days without doing the deed, you will see that this becomes a desire that you have, and you will be able to please your partner even more.

Do not see this as a selfish thing, this is something that is a progressive sign.


Coming to the point where you are able to see drama from a mile away is a good place to be. You will see that things and feelings will go away and you will take things more serious in life.

Stop worrying about drama and know that you do not need to be around it. Take your mind to a different level and begin to understand how important your life is and find something that will keep you busy beyond the drama in your life.

Make sure that your main concern is your family, job and your friends and that you focus on yourself more than you ever have. Let life progress and embrace it. Give attention to what is deserved and let what you do be a motto for your life.

Tiny Things in Life

Pay attention to the tiny things in life and learn to know that they can bring you happiness.  Stop focusing on things that bring you pain and that cause you hurt. Learn to be humble and kind and to love others.


Let yourself become one with those around you and with your place. Let your mind be a concern and learn that you cannot control everything.


You will feel something from inside that tells you that you are enlightened and that you are on the right path. Embrace this and allow yourself to feel good things and to be happy.

Learn to pay attention to what is important and to get away from things that are not. Be enlightened in all parts of your life such as your friends, family, finances and more.

If you are not satisfied with where you are, work to be somewhere else. You are in control of who you are.

Live A Mystery

Learn to live life as a mystery. Do not let others put you down and learn to witness the good things that come with life.

Let your body and mind give you completeness and stop feeling like things are not good enough. Live a life that is no longer nothingness and let your spirit awaken.


Having a spiritual awakening is important and it can help to open your eyes to what you need in your life. Do not let things hold you back and work to your final days of your life.

Allow the road that you take to bring you to a place of enlightenment and explore that place and learn to live in the mystery of what it has for you.

You have the choice to be who and what you want, and each awakening is different for different people. Never expect yours to look the same as anyone else’s. Embrace what life has for you and find your inner happiness.

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