Curses Are Not Real

Many people believe in curses. In fact, when they call into psychics, there are often questions about supposed curses. These questions tend to fall into three distinct categories. These include:

  • Some ‘psychic’ informed them that they were cursed
  • A recent run of bad luck causes a person to truly believe they are cursed
  • A person feels that someone who truly hates them has also cursed them

Do Curses Exist?

The truth is simply that curses are not real, but it really goes deeper than that. It is worth understanding the truth to have a complete answer. The best way to do this is by looking into each common curse situation as shared before.

A Psychic Informed Me of a Curse

Many people unfortunately fall prey to scams by fake psychics. If you happen to be someone who has become a victim of such a scam, then know you are not alone. The scammers are extremely smart and masters at tricking others. Their goal is to take your hard earned cash. If you have paid for a reading, or even received a free one, and been told that there is a black cloud surrounding you, it was false. These psychics give vague readings with this type terminology that could be applied to nearly everyone.

In fact, some may suggest that vague things like several bad things have recently happened and immediately your mind goes to work on this list. Bad stuff happens to everyone and phony psychics make it sound plausible because this is how they work. After bringing you down and having you focus on bad things in life, this psychic will offer you a bit of ‘hope’. They may mention they can lift this curse of bad things off of you and your family, but it will be at a certain price.

If you fall for the scam and pay, they may continue to hit you up with an idea like the curse is worse than expected and they will need additional payments to fully lift the curse. This can cause people to shell out thousands for a fake curse being lifted. The psychic is working off your fear, but stand strong because curses are not real.

A Run of Bad Luck

When life seems like a series of unfortunate events that all happen at once, it is easy to believe you are cursed. It may be easy to believe that nothing else could be causing this negative streak in life. The good news is, you are not really cursed, even if it feels that way. We are all spiritual beings, but we are never cursed humans.

Someone Has Cursed You

Though movies would have us believe that curses are real and extremely scary, they are not real. If someone is out to get you because you did or refused to do something, they may have bad thoughts about you or hope horrible things happen, but they cannot curse you.

That being said, if you believe that someone has cursed you, then you may feel and have bad things happen. This is the Law of Attraction. What you believe is what you attract so if you feel cursed, you attract bad things that feel like a curse. When negative stuff continues to happen, you feel more cursed and your belief strengthens. This boils down to the idea that your thinking is the curse, you are causing the ’curse”, but it is not real. Change your thinking and you will attract positive things.

If You Feel Cursed

If you do feel cursed, even knowing that curses are not real, then there are some things you can do to change your thinking. Try the following:

  • Keep positive activities and people around you
  • Find a big dream to believe in
  • Focus on the good
  • Create a gratitude list
  • Watch comedies on television

If you find yourself focusing on your bad luck, then move your thoughts to the positive and gratitude. Real psychics can help guide you through this. Look for a psychic that does not believe in curses and is only offering guidance, not asking for money for solutions to imaginary issues.

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