Knowing Your Feminine Energies

Feminine energy is a frequency that helps you to have a spiritual existence. It is the goddess energy and is the life-giving energy.

When you have a goddess energy, you are aware of your feminine life and you have wisdom in your heart and soul so that you can bring peace and love to others.

Feminine energy also helps to bring out masculine energy because it is a mother energy and a creation energy.

Increasing Your Divine Feminine Energy

People have different energies that go through their feelings and their minds. Having a strong emotional connection to yourself will help you to live when you have to face societies that are only one sex driven.

Disconnecting from your feminine energy means that you are no longer connected to your emotions. You have to have this energy to be able to feel your feelings and to not let your feelings be hidden. This can help you in your mind, body, and soul. Once you have a blockage in your feminine energy, you will not be able to process your feelings and you will not be able to feel safe to talk about what you are feeling.

You will need to see someone such as a counselor to help you to reach your deep emotions and to show you how to trust and set boundaries.

Once you allow yourself to have feelings, you will learn to do this without judging yourself and others and you will let your emotions flow.

Emotions are there to give you wisdom and to help you to love who you are and who you are meant to be.


Intuition is a feminine energy, and it is how you know things without being given information. Your mind no longer uses reasoning, but it uses its mental powers to give you answers.

Your intuition gives you a strong connection and a feeling and this is based on your emotions.

One way to have strong intuition is to trust yourself and if you have been broken and your past life was full of hurt and trauma, you might have a hard time listening to your intuition and you need spiritual healing.

We all have intuition come to us in different ways. Some will see visions while others will have emotional responses. Some people will have physical things happen to them such as tingling or goosebumps.

Intuition will make you question what your mind is telling you and will sometimes seem illogical.

Intuition is part of your heart and it helps you to reach your higher self. It can take you out of your comfort and put you in situations where you have to be brave. When your intuition comes as a feeling, you might feel your heartbeat faster or get lightheaded, but this is something that is increased energy, and it is normal.

You have to learn to change your feelings and to know what you are thinking and listen to the signs around you.

Your intuition is there and has a strong feminine side and you will get messages that will help you to heal as long as you trust yourself and act on your intuition. Honoring your intuition will help you to have more energy than ever.

Ritual and Space

Your feminine energy will be there to help you to have love and to set strong intentions. You can do a ritual or a ceremony to wake up your feminine energy.

You have to let go of fear and let your heart come out. Be part of the earth and the spirit world and let your ceremony be part of your life and the lives of the ancient goddesses.

Sacred spaces have to start in your home, and you can make an alter and use candles or stones. You can burn incense and make sure that your space is kept sacred and that you have a supportive feminine energy there.

When you have a sacred space and a ritual space, you can keep your energy there and you can learn to let your intuition and your body wisdom come together to form a sacred place for you.

Body Wisdom

Your body is going to show you what you should do and is part of your sacred feminine wisdom. This is where you get signals when something is not right in your mind, body, and soul.

When your soul wants you to be who you are meant to be, you will have to listen to the messages that your body gives you.

Stay in touch with your thoughts and your feelings and move towards your inner self. Learn to get rid of negativity and low self-esteem and learn to look at yourself differently. You have the power to focus on good things or to focus on superficial things. Do not let society trick you.

Souls are called to open up their feminine energies and to let their body traumas leave them. The past life can be something that has caused you to question yourself because of abuse or other bad things that happened.

The vibrations of your body are there to help you to get stronger and to face things that were hard in your life.

Learn to let your energy go that is negative and connect with breath work. Be whole and let your body tap into your emotions.

Do yoga and connect with your mind, body and soul and accept yourself and be compassionate to who you are. Open up to your feminine energies and listen to your inner voice.

Inner Voice

Take time each day to be still and to listen. Pay attention to your energies and listen to your inner voice. This will guide you and help you to reach your feminine contract. You will have a spiritual role here on the earth and if you listen, you can do it.

When you feel challenged, you can feel your inner voice calling out to you and you can learn to stay on your feminine path. You will be more aware and when you are still and you meditate, you will see that you can get the thoughts and feelings you need to heal and to be stronger.

Meditating can be done at any time and the key to it is that you practice. There is no right or wrong way to meditate, and it can give you strength and help you to be still and reach your inner being.

Being sill will help you to discover who you are. Use silent meditation and go out in nature. Doing this can help you to be inspired and help you to heal.

Whatever your intentions are, ask yourself to connect with your feminine energies and let your ego go. You will reunite with who you are meant to be with, and you will understand your path in life.

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