Are You an Empath or Just Empathetic?

Do you have deep emotions, and you feel that you pick up the emotions of people around you? If you have these feelings and they seem to never go away, you might be an empath. Just having strong emotions might mean that you are empathetic to others but here are ways that you can tell:

What Does it Mean to Have Empathy?

Having empathy means that you are able to reach into the feelings of the universe and you can know what someone is feeling or what is going on in a room around you.

Being an empathetic person means that you might feel changed by a situation that other people are feeling around you.

This happens sometimes because you have strong emotions and because you are caring. Having empathy means that you allow people to share their emotions with you and this can be anger, sadness or even excitement.

When you get news from a friend that is good, you will feel these feelings, but if you feel these feelings when you walk into a room or when you are in a place.

If your heart goes out to someone when they are feeling emotions, this can help you to know that you are loving and caring and that you have empathetic emotions.

What Does It Mean to Be an Empath?

An empath is someone that has strong emotions, but this is more than just being emotional or sensitive. When you have strong feelings because of feelings other people have, chances are that you are picking up these emotions.

Empaths can pick up feelings from other people even when the person doesn’t tell them what they are feeling or even show emotions.

An empath will pick up the energy of the person and this will come to them, making their senses to absorb the energies.

You might feel the persons emotions at a deep level. When you sense these energies, it can change your mood or your energy. You might be feeling happy and then out of nowhere you might start to feel sadness or anger. If you don’t have any real reason as to why this is happening, chances are that you are gifted with the gift of being an empath.

Knowing if You are an Empath or Have Empathy

One difference between being an empath and having empathetic feelings is the cues that you can get to know what kind of gift that you get.

Having empathy means that you will have triggers that happen around you that cause you to have feelings or to have emotions. This can mean that you see your friend crying or they look sad or angry and you pick up on the cues.

Being an empath means that you just pick up the energies and you don’t know why you have the feelings that you do. This is a psychic gifting and is a gift that you get that deals with your intuition.

Setting Boundaries

Being an empath means that you have strong emotions and that you have strong love and feelings for people around you. Because of these feelings, you have to set boundaries for people that come around you so that you can be strong in your mind, body, and soul.

Empaths will work hard to make everyone else feel better, but they will forget to take care of themselves. If you are someone that is always helping others, chances are that you overbook yourself and you don’t give yourself the self-care that you need.

Learn to set boundaries and to be grounded so that you can keep helping others but that you can help yourself as well.

Finding out if you are an empath or you just have empathetic feelings is important and can help you know if you need to develop your gifting or if you just need to be sensitive to the needs around you.

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