Healing and Psychic Visions

A psychic vision is something that is a message that those that are clairvoyant are able to receive from their angels or spirit guides.

Clairvoyant means that they have a sight that is different than the one with their eyes and this is a gift that is a psychic gift.  You can use this psychic sight to operate in life.

Many people want to develop their gifts and they want to be able to contact the spiritual world.  When you do this, healings can manifest, and you can use different things to increase your psychic gifts and to increase your abilities such as your clairvoyant abilities.

You can awaken your psychic gifts more and more and you can meditate and use crystals to make this happen.  You need to find a way to communicate with the spirit guides as a first step in order to develop and make your gifts stronger.

Having clairvoyance as a gift is called a second sight.  This is different than seeing with your eyes.  Hundreds of years ago, people were aware of this gift and they have used this gift to help others and to tell about visions that they see.

Psychic visions help you to communicate with the spirit world and can show you things in your spirit that you might not see if you did not have this gift.,  This is communication with the spirit world.

Visions are sometimes seen as a short period of time where you see something, and it can be like a picture.  The more that your gift becomes developed he more you can see details and know more things about what your visions mean.

What is Clairvoyance

The meaning of clairvoyance means to see clearly.  This means your psychic seeing where you see things with your mind.  A psychic vision is a type of communication that you can do with your spirit and you can talk to your angels and spirit guides.  This can be a gift that is given to you and one that you work on to develop it.

There are different levels of this gift and some are more complicated than others, but they are all part of the universal language of love.

All psychics have gifts but not all of them can see.  Some can hear things, and some can know or feel things.  This is called clairaudient and clairsentience.  Some psychics even have the abilities to smell things.

If you want to awaken and increase your psychic gifts, you can do this by meditating.  Meditation is a powerful tool to help you increase your spiritual visions.  When you spend more time meditating, you will increase your gifts and you will have more visions that are clear.

If you have not contacted your spirit guide in the past, meditation can help you to do this.  When you connect with your spirit guide, you will develop your gifts along the way.  Some people that have these visions are not able to develop their gifts fast and they find that meditation will help to decrease the time that it takes.

Once you have developed your psychic gifts, you will see that you will have stronger visions and you will be able to begin to predict what happens in the future.

When you hold a crystal and meditate, it can bring your vibrational frequency higher and can align your soul with the universe.

Using the Yttrium Fluorite is one good way to help you see things more clearly and to have better visions.  This crystal is strong, and the energy is hard to find in other stones.  Sometimes you can find this rock labeled as a Lavender Fluorite.

The stone that is above will help you to become more distinct in your gift and it is a strong tool to help you connect with your spirit guides.  This can give you clear visions and gifts.

Another crystal that is good is the Amethyst crystal.  This is a purple crystal and is easy to find.  The Magnesite stone is another stone that can help to increase your gifts.  Use it while meditating.

When you are meditating, you can reach a higher spiritual realm and you can find a way to contact the spirits and let them contact you.  These are your guide from your birth, and they are very important.

Your guardian angels are your guides and will contact you when you meditate and will reach out to you if you ask them to.  Ask them for help and they will come to help you.  Always be thankful for them because this is the strongest tool you have.  Angels and spirits love those that have a thankful heart.


Meditation will help you by getting you through times that are hard in your life.  When you are sad or upset, meditating can change your mood and bring you joy.  You will be able to increase your psychic gift while meditating and you will be better off spiritually and mentally.

One way that you can help to get rid of stress is to meditate.  When you have normal activities throughout your day you will find that you are using a lot of brain waves.  This takes away your energy levels and can be negative in your life.

Using the stones and crystals is called Isochrony tones and these can help to increase your brain rhythms and help you to go into a deeper meditative state.  This can help you find peace.


Some crystals are better for clairvoyance and will give you a stronger sense of “seeing.”  One stone, the Amethyst Spirit Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals.  This crystal can assist you and if you have one in your collection, hold it in your hand and let your vibrations increase.

Many of the crystals are found in a store and can be bought and it is important to buy them to increase your vibrational frequency.  Th is giving the crystals a high value in your life.  There are so many stones and crystals that can help you and you need to find the one that is right for you.

Clairvoyance and Crystals

Crystals can be worn as jewelry, carried in your pocket or purse and can be placed where you will be.  The dumortierite stone and the Lolita are very strong in energy and will help to aid you in your gifts.  Not all stones are clairvoyant crystals, but some are crown stones and third eye stones, and they can help to unblock your chakras.

Any chakra stone will help to bring you back to health and will help you with your gifts.  Other stones help with clairsentience and clairaudience and it just depends on what your gift is as to which crystal you should get.

Crystals that have higher vibrations will give you a higher energy field.  A stone that has high vibrations will stimulate your gift and will help you in your health and your mental being.

The benefits of this energy are to protect you and to keep you safe from external circumstances.  One of the best reasons for having these stones is so that they can keep you positive and give you happy thoughts.

Your vibrations will increase and so will your mood and you will have an excellent health and spirit.


Using a stone when you meditate can increase your psychic abilities.  One stone such as the Lapis Lazuli will help you if you wear it and mediate.  This can increase your clairvoyant gift.

There are some people that have this strong gift and have been born this way or have had it from a very young age.  These people will not have to work so hard to develop their gift, but if you are just finding out you have this gift, you might need to work on your spiritual being some.

It is not always because you didn’t do something right, it can also be because you need to be patient and work through your life.  Wearing the stones can help you with that.  If you have ever seen a psychic at work, you will see that some of them can contact the dead.  Once you have done this, you will see that these people are communicating with their spirit guides and getting information.

The information comes through in different ways for each medium.  These people have strong gifts and they are very developed.  They are able to communicate and give and receive information.

Using Clairvoyance and Crystals

You can use the crystals two ways to develop your gift.  The first is to let the stone guide you through your meditations and the second is to keep the stone on your body every time you go somewhere and put one under your pillow at night while you are sleeping.

If you want to, you can make jewelry out of a stone and wear it all the time.  The more you wear it the more gift will increase and the more it will aid in developing the gift that you want to use.

The Amethyst and the Prestolite are good for this and they have strong vibrations.  Some crystals are already made into jewelry and you can buy some.  You can also find geodes and other stones in nature and these will help to increase your energy levels.

Psychic Protection

You need to keep the crystals close by so that you can e protected when you are doing spiritual work.  The Amethyst, Black Tourmaline and more are good for this.

The star chakra stone can help to ground you and you want to make sure that you are always grounded and if you become ungrounded you need to fix it fast.  Some stones like the grounding stones have strong power to keep you safe.

The soul star chakra sone can keep your chakras clear and balanced and can improve your psychic gifts.  Meditate with these stones and you will see that you have psychic visions that you have wanted to have, and you can do anything.

Keep the crystal with you at all times and once you work with the spirit world, you will see your gifts are increasing and you will have a better life change.

If you want to develop your spirit world more, you will need to share your thoughts with others.  Do this by buying books, by talking about the spirit world and by studying what you need to know.  You can develop your gifts by listening to others and this can change your life.

Write in your own journal about your experiences and about what has helped you along your journey.  Allow yourself to be open and to be helped to develop your psychic gifts and to make you stronger, bringing you joy, peace and happiness in your life.

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