What to Do with Empathic Abilities

Channeling your empathic abilities can be challenging, but important. This begins with knowing the type of empath you are overall. All empaths are deeply connected to information from other sources, but the sources may vary. These sources may include:

  • The emotions of others
  • The physical sensations of others
  • Plants or animals
  • The planet

Depending on what type of energy you connect to most, it can provide direction on the best way to use your specific empathic abilities. How you decide to use your abilities will be determined largely by your strongest experiences of energy.

What to Do

If you are an emotional empath, then you have extreme compassion for other’s feelings and emotions. It may take awhile to separate personal emotions from those of others, but once you do you can understand how others feel. This connection creates great compassion so people who are empaths tend to do well in activities or even professions that are rooted in compassion and care because of their understanding of others. Some potential suggestions are listed below.


Those with profound empathy often enjoy volunteering for a cause. There are many to choose from, but a few of the top favorites are shared below:

  • CASA, Court-Appointed Special Advocate, or coaching a literacy program that helps children can be beneficial
  • Special Olympics coaching can be fulfilling
  • Habitat for Humanity can allow an empath to be physically active while helping others
  • Serving meals for those less fortunate is an option
  • Visit with those who may be lonely (nursing homes, women’s shelters, homeless shelters)
  • Take part in drives for children (toys, clothing, school supplies)

Deepen Personal Relationships

To build your abilities and strengthen personal relationships, connect to your own friends and family members on a deeper level. This will help you be a better friend and connect with others.

Mental Health Fields

Many empaths find their way into the mental health fields because of their intense emotional connections to others. This could lead to being a grief counselor, life-coaching, or even psychology in some form.

Finding Joy for Others

Another area for the emotional empath to excel in is that of helping people find their joy in life. Since an empath can experience another’s positive feelings, they can also nourish a soul. When near someone who is down, help them locate a spark of joy and create a new life path.

Physical Empathic Abilities

A physical empath is a person who experiences physical sensations of others. When this is appropriately channeled, it can help others. This can be used in several ways as explained below.

Energy Healing

Energy healing takes on many forms like Reiki, sound or crystal healing. These techniques can be learned and taught to those who are physical empaths, as well as others. Since an empath can “feel” the physical sensations of others, they can also direct or channel that energy in a way that will support and heal ailments.


The compassion for other’s pain as an empath makes you an optimal candidate for the health care field. Health care has many areas such as doctor, nurse, OT, music therapist, phlebotomist, hospice worker, or even home health aide. All can benefit from an empath.

Engaging Plant Empathy

Some empaths connect deeply with plants and nature so an array of opportunities are open. This includes basic activities, hobbies, and some professions that are well suited to the ability.

Plant Keeping

One hobby that may be well suited to the plant empath are houseplants. Houseplants are great for health and provide positive qualities in life. They add to décor, improve air quality, and can change the energy of an area when Feng Shui is used. With an empathic connection to plants, you can nurture them in your home or offer plants as gifts to someone who could use positive energy in their lives.


Gardening as part of a personal garden full or veggies or flowers can be a hobby for empaths or can be used professionally as a landscaper, farmer, or floral supplier. The ability to connect with plants means the empath will have a green thumb that allows plants to flourish. This ability can be used to start a community garden, grow vegetables for food program donations, or even teach others about plants and growing.

Engaging Animal Empathy

Connecting in a profound way to animals means being able to understand them on a level that others cannot. This opens up numerous options to use this skill.


There are many animals who need socialization and interaction, who better than an empath to take on this job. This can be accomplished through a local 4H program, shelters, training service animals, or even fostering pets. The unique abilities of animal empaths can be beneficial in these areas.

Animal Communicator

Many people want to know what their pet or livestock are thinking or feeling, especially if they are in pain. An animal communicator can help with these and empaths have a connection that makes it possible. This is a big area of need for owners who are trying to decide whether a pet is in need of an end of the life decision.

Animal Trainer

There are many animals that need training of different sorts. Animal trainers use varied methods to accomplish this task. An empath has a special connection with animals that makes training easier to understand and communicate. This is especially true for animals with behavioral issues.

Geological Empath

Some have a significant connection to the Earth or to spaces and places that needs channeled productively. This is possible in a number of ways.


When you have a personal connection to the Earth, conservation and preservation can be of utmost importance. This makes a geological empath an ideal person as a volunteer, conservationist, or educator about the Earth. Find any earth cause that you connect to deeply and make the steps to work in that area.

Energy Improvement

Geological empaths tend to be able to walk into a space and intuitively know what is needed for improved energy and flow. This ability can be used to Feng Shui an area and help improve the lives of those who live or enjoy the space.

Planet Healing

Some geological empaths are geosensitive so they can sense natural occurrences before they happen (earthquakes, tornadoes, etc). If this describes you, then you cannot stop a natural disaster, but can send healing energy to the Earth. Simply visualize the earth encased in healing light when the feeling arises.

Enjoy Nature

A geological empath does best when finding a spot or many, to enjoy nature. This will not only help you relax, but allows for healing energy to be sent out into the Earth.

Empathy as a Superpower

Empaths are unique in their abilities, especially when practiced. These abilities, when properly channeled can serve a greater good to the user, others, and the universe. You connect with others, plants, animals, or objects. This connection can be used as a source of direction and conviction. Acting from compassion can help you and others feel better. Due to this, empathy is a superpower that allows you to tune in and make the world a better place.

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