Using Zodiac Element Meanings to Tell About You and Your Attractions

There are different elements such as air, Earth, water and fire that are the foundation to astrology.  All of these elements can influence the different zodiac signs.  Even though most people know that there are 12 different zodiac signs, not many people know that there are elements that go with each of the signs.  The four elements work together to make up a triplicity where it equals three signs per element.

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, is a fire sign.  Aries cycles through the fire and then to the Earth sign, an air sign and then the water sign.  Then this repeats which means that there are three Earth signs, three fire signs, three air signs and three water signs.

Some astrologers believe that people will feel better when it is our elemental season.  So for example, if you are a Cancer, you would feel the best when it was the season of the Scorpio or the Pisces because of all of the water energy that comes with these signs.

All air signs will go along with other air signs, and fire will go with fire and water with water, and as a rule of thumb, fire and air work well together, while earth signs and water work well together.  When fire and water are together, it can cause a time of drama and passion, but this is usually filled with less energy and higher emotional periods because a fire will be put out by water.  If Air and Earth try to bond, chances are they could talk for a long time and be friends, but they will lack the emotional bonding that is needed.  If you know and understand these things, it can help you to understand astrology more.  What element goes with your zodiac sign?

Fire Signs

When there is a fire sign, it means they are enticing and warm.  The signs love other people with their whole heart and they are lead more by this than by their mind.  All the fire signs work independently and they are fun to be around.  Fire signs can experience periods of burnout and have periodic energy and if they have time to recharge, they can be helpful in giving other signs a break.

A fire has plenty of energy and can do anything they put their mind to.  They are fun and exciting to be around at all times and they can keep things calm and fun all at the same time.

Earth Signs

Earth signs work hard and help to keep people in check.  They are considered to be sensual and yet they are grounded, wise and stable.  They rule the world and are great at making love, cooking and growing things in the garden.

Since the Earth is so reliable, Earth signs are reliable too.  They sometimes can be overly logical and rigid and when you have them around, they help you care about the quality of things you are doing.

Air Signs

People that are Air signs have a hard time of sitting down and relaxing.  They are flirty, smart, fast, curious and they are great at communicating and charming others.  Many Air signs are writers and artists and they give off a lot of light when they talk to other people.  They are slightly unreachable so you need to pay attention so that they don’t just vanish from you.Air signs are highly committed to things they agree to doing but they have to find it interesting in order to keep them around.  These people are great people to know because they will expand your knowledge of books, movies, music, vocabulary, friendships and overall, your mind.

Water Signs

Water signs are people that love humanity and are considered psychic in their speaking and reading between the lines.  They love to dream and are often times dramatic and always care for others.

Water signs make great poets, doctors, dentists and any occupation that lets them dig into the messy parts of what life offers.  The element of water is feminine and a soothing element and it is attracted to those that need to be healed.

Be careful so you don’t overwork a water sign or cause them to be too emotional.  These people love deeper than any other sign and would do anything to make sure to help someone in need.

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