Finding Your Soul Purpose

When you want to connect with yourself and find answers that can help you to figure out your path then things can become clearer.  You can have clarity of vision and be confident about the world around you and know that you are living the life you need to be living.

We all have a voice that guides us and gives us wisdom from another universe.  Dharma is the wisdom that is inside of us and guides us and everyone around us and in the world beyond.

Becoming a Dharma expert helps us to connect and know our inner wisdom.  This can let you have a path to peace and know your purpose.

Dharma Expert

When you are trying to find clues about your soul or your Atma, you need to figure out where your wisdom comes from.  We know we all have wisdom, but we can’t seem to hear it or see it when it speaks.  Sometimes we don’t understand what it is saying and that is because we are trying to use the language of the mind instead of the language of the soul.

What is the secret to understanding the language of your soul?  You need to use the energy from the universe.  Because your soul is a spark of the universal soul, you can figure out what the energy trail is and follow it for the answers.

Following the Energy Trail

Your soul has a voice and it has positive energy.  Notice what gives you joy when you wake up and what makes you feel miserable.

Some moment of quiet during the day can let you feel happy and sometimes when you want to play the piano or take a nature walk then do this so you can get lost in it.

Once you start realizing what makes you happy then you can come alive and find moments that will help you follow your energy trail.  It is that easy.

Let Go of Evidence

The second part is to let go of things that causes your energy to drain.

Let go of thoughts or activities that don’t let your soul have its purpose.  Notice the people that cause your energy to drain and suck out your joy and let them go.

This is hard in our lives and it makes us fearful because there are people that we love, but it is important to find your Dharma that you do this.

When you let people go that don’t help you, your soul will be better.


One way to hear your soul’s voice is to notice patterns of synchronicity.  When the right person comes in your life to guide you through the next step, it is like a dream.

Synchronistic events are given from the universe to let you notice and acknowledge them.  You need to pay attention to align on the right path.

The universe will lead you to the next step as long as you use your energy cycle to follow the trail of energy, understand the language of the universe and then you will be on the path to find what you are looking for.


When something happens that is an accident then this should be a wake-up call for you.  It might not happen to you, but it might happen to someone in your everyday life.  This could be death of someone or someone getting sick or in a small car accident.  All of these need to be wake up calls.

Slow down or shut everything down in your mind and take time to listen for guidance.  Your soul will always lead you in the right direction.

Even when you aren’t listening, your soul whispers to you and calls you so pay attention to sickness or illnesses.  They might be trying to tell you something important.

Ask Questions

It is important to ask a lot of questions so that you can be a spiritual seeker.  When you are afraid or are asked of something, ask yourself why.

When you see that you are being limited or that a weird belief comes up, such as jealousy or anger, find out why you are feeling this way.

Many of our doubts and concerns come from your mind base don experiences in our past.  Go deeper and ask more questions like why these feelings have come up, what is making you be fearful, jealous or guilty.

It is a rewarding experience to find your inner self and to figure out what your soul purpose is.  It is important to find your Dharma.

In each life, you will ask yourself “who am I?” and you will get closer to the answer each time.  You will hear more and more answers and get a step closer to being in the awakening of your time.

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