The best questions to ask a psychic

This depends on what you are going through.  Is it money? Is it a career? Discover how you can steer your reading in the right direction.

Since the recession of the psychic industry in the US, it has been growing steadily. You are not alone if you are contemplating looking for a psychic for counseling. People from all over the world are visiting psychics to help them find answers.

All your problems can’t be solved through psychic readings. For you to achieve a lot, you have to ask the right questions. Below are some questions you can ask.

Get ready for your reading

Take a few minutes to get centered before connecting with a psychic.  Know why you are getting the reading. Getting ready before time will make your connection with the universe stronger, which will help you get the right feedback.

Also, know the area of life you want to explore. Contemplate on the areas you want to resolve so that you can pay attention to that day.

Right and wrong kind of questions to ask a psychic

The best type of questions to ask is open-ended questions. They enable the psychic to get a lot of information since they don’t paint the answer in a corner. Try as much as possible not to ask a lot of yes or no questions.

If you have yes or no questions that you want to be answered, ensure they are black and white.

Passive questions

Do away with passive questions like “Will I get married?” these questions don’t have a clear answer because they are yes or no questions.

Reassurance questions

This is another type of question that you should avoid. This is because they are yes or no answers and they are likely to corner you.

Restrictive questions

Questions like “what city should I move to?” or “when will I get married?” are too restrictive. They don’t give your psychic enough time to give you feedback because they already have a certain amount of assumption build in about the outcome.

What to ask a psychic

Let’s look at some important questions you can ask a love psychic. These questions can apply anywhere in your life so think how you can use them for specific things you want to learn about.

  • What would the universe want me to know about my career, love life, financial status, etc.?
  • What can I do to improve my relationship, health, marriage friendship, etc.? What can the universe tell me?

Working with the psychic

Psychics are not the same. They have their ways of approaching readings and receive their information differently. Don’t be afraid to end the session in any case you don’t feel a connection. A bad connection can affect the reading and you may not get the right feedback.

Several psychics offer some time for free to see if they can connect. Use this free test time to decide whether they are the right match.

Do not also expect to get answers immediately into the reading. Be present and open to the reading. Give it time to connect with the psychic so they can get the best information to help you.

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