How to tell if your reading is accurate

Albert Einstein believed that all of our past, present and future experiences are held together by illusion. If this is true, how can a psychic predict the future? Perhaps it is from this question that we wonder if our readings are accurate and how can one tell?  If you are posing this question while you are being read, you just can’t. Afterward, you may see a few signs that it wasn’t a true reading.


Real or authentic psychics won’t ask a lot or any questions because they don’t want to muddy the waters with too much information. The prefer to glean the information from their client’s energy. Instead they will wait to see if the client has any questions for them.

Free Will

A real psychic will tell you that the future is not permanently inscribed in the universe. Instead you can change your direction or energies and redirect your future.


Genuine psychics will have make specific statements.  If what they say is open ended, and could suit anyone, its possible that your psychic is not giving you accurate advice.


A worthy psychic won’t give you specific advice. They will direct you to a specialist in the area in which you need help.


A reputable psychic won’t second guess their advice or cause you to. They will let you know right away if they can’t help you.

Purveyor of potions

People who seek psychic advice are usually in some kind turmoil.  They are looking for help.   A true psychic won’t take advantage of this situation by trying to sell amulets or potions or other things to ward off bad luck or evil spirits.

Inaccurate for a reason?

If you feel that your reading from a psychic is unclear, there are a few reasons.


Sometimes the information in  reading is hard to understand and the images are difficult to communicate accurately.  In this case the psychic will be unable to communicate the information that receive.

Unable or unwilling to hear

Sometimes  a client will be unwilling or unable to process the information they are getting.  They may even completely misunderstand. This is not uncommon. Sometimes the client will only hear what they want to hear..

Destiny and free will

Because we have free will, we can change our destiny. Sometimes a psychic may predict a divorce in the future. The client may choose to seek counseling or otherwise salvage the relationship.  This changes the future and may save the marriage.

Messages are crossed

It is rare, but sometimes a psychic will pick up information that was meant for someone else.


If the client is too close to the psychic, they may be unable to detach enough to give an accurate reading.


Sometimes a psychic may mistakenly interpret instead of describing what they say.  If they see a wedding dress, they may say they see a marriage in the future. If they described the dress, they may find the client recently got married.

What can you do?

You can help improve your accuracy by asking open ended questions.  This will guide you to the best chances for information to come through.

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