5 Ways to Use Astrology to Find Your Soulmate

A soulmate is a person you are destined to find throughout your lifetimes.  You teach each other valuable lessons and help you both along your paths to enlightenment.  They will manifest in various forms in order to best act out the purpose of your souls’ journey in each life.  Therefore, one life the soulmate may appear as your mother, where another life they may be a romantic partner or dear friend.

You can use astrology to determine is someone is fact your soulmate.  Begin by having a synastry chart created for you and look for soulmate aspects within the chart’s houses.  If you find alignment there is strong potential this person is a soulmate.

Below, we have complied a few ways you can tell if your romantic partner might be a soulmate:

  1. SUN-SUN and SUN-MOON Alignment

Often a strong relationship is tied to the proximity between a person’s Sun and the other person’s Moon.  Concurrences are the strongest tie, but squares or oppositions can also demonstrate a soulmate bond.  Trines and sextiles are less telling, but may provide benefits to the relationship if other aspects have close ties.

  1. Moon NODES

The nodes of the Moon are crucial when you are trying to establish your soulmate.  Often a couple who were bonded in a past life share a South Node connection.  Family members meanwhile often share the North Node tie.

  1. The VERTEX

A vertex that contains hard angles like conjunction, square or opposition between people with each other’s personal Planet or angle (ASC, DSC, IC, MC) shows strong proof of a karmic union.

  1. SUN-ASCENDANT aspects

Concurrence between one person’s Sun and another person’s Ascendant is a powerful tell of a soulmate bond between the duo.

  1. NEPTUNE-Personal planets

A soulmate connection is strong if one person’s Neptune is in any aspect with another person’s personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars).  It is optimal is planets are in conjunction, trine or sextile.  Seeing a tie to one person’s Neptune and the other’s Ascendant or Descendant is also a key sign of a soulmate union.

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