What is energy healing

What is Energy Work?

These are well-known ways through which a person can achieve total mind, body and spirit alignment. There are other things skilled energy can help you do other than vibrational healing to distance Reiki and other Eastern and Western energy healing modalities. These are; open your chakras and give power to your energetic vibration, help you clear auric field of negativity. The results are calmness, individual empowerment and access to your inner knowledge.

Energy work is all about self-healing. The energy healer comprises of what individuals are likely to call Spirit or Divine, meaning, it is conduit energy. For the release of energetic blockages, ground and release energy, distinct techniques and tools may be used. It uses the power of intention together with their training and experience to channel energy where it is required. For a trained healer to do this work, he or she doesn’t need to be physically present. Time and space are easily transcended in the realm of spirit.  For a psychic energy healer to understand your energetic body, he or she uses their intuition guided by the flow of universal energy.

Energy healing tips and tools

  • Pendulums
  • Reiki
  • Tarot cards
  • Healing crystals
  • Incense and candles
  • Essential oils

The duration of a typical energy healing treatment

An energy work session should typically last between 30-60 minutes. However, this depends on your input.  You will have to spend a lot of time if it is your first visit discussing your goals and what you want to accomplish in the end.

The process of an energy healing session

You are likely to experience peace or at times emotional release during the session. You may encounter heat or a calming coolness through your body. Several individuals usually feel better after a session such that they want to book regular readings.

Even though it is essential to know what you want to get out of a session, there is no rule to getting one. Several individuals receive healing like Reiki to help in the relief of headache, muscle soreness or help with insomnia. Regardless of the weight of the reasoning for your visit, the universal energy is always with us and ready to help. An energy healer may ask you what you are experiencing when you contact them in person or through our service. Others may request you to mentally pay attention to one specific question or relax into a meditative state. When the energy worker is collecting information and sending you energy, sessions of silence may be experienced. They will then share their experience with you for approval of what they are sensing and adjust themselves based on how you are receiving the energy.

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