Stages of Awakening and What Stage You Are In

What does it mean to go through a spiritual awakening? This can mean you change from unconscious thinking to conscious thinking.

Rather you choose to go through an awakening, or the awakening finds you, this can change how you feel in the earth and once it starts there is no going back. This kind of thing can be painful and challenging but it is better than the pain that you feel, and it will bring you freedom.

After you go through an awakening you will find that you have joy, peace, freedom, a clear mind, and your life will be worth living.

There are different stages that people go through on their journey and you can use this guide to help you understand what is happening to you.

The Stage of False Self

The first stage can be called the Stage of False Self because this is a time where you are asleep, but you do not even realize it.

You think that you are living your bet life, but you are really only living to survive. You allow society to tell you who you are, and you might even be a victim.

You allow your mind to program you and you see the world in the wrong point of view. You want to be accepted and to fit in and so you will compromise things you want in your life so that you can do that and be that person.

You will find you have no self-worth and that you are always trying to show people how worthy you are. This stage is a time where you will be happy, but it will be based on what you do.

You will try to control your life and your happiness, and you will allow your emotions to decide things for you. Your actions will be based on your emotions and your feelings.

You will have no connection between what you believe and what you feel, and you will doubt things in your life all the time.

The Stage of Asking Questions

In this stage, you will begin to doubt your life and you will wonder what you have and what purpose your life holds. You will feel that something is missing in your life and you will reflect on things such as your job, career, relationships, and traditions but you will have no answers.

There will be questions about your identity and who you are, and you will try to prove that you are worthy. You will feel lost and you will blame your family, friends, government, culture and even religion on why you act the way that you do.

You will not be responsible for yourself and you will blame others for how you act. You will start to ask who you are and why you are on the earth.

You will search for answers and you will stay enslaved until you get over your fear and allow yourself to have an open mind.

This will be a time where you are uncomfortable and you experience things such as depression, anxiety, and confusion. You will do things, but you will not experience them, and you will have many challenges that will cause you suffering and pain.

This is the beginning of change and you will still seek approval of others, but you will realize that you are not finding happiness in the world or in experiences.

This will be the stage of your life where your emotions will go crazy and you will remember past life trauma and things that have happened to you that were bad. You will realize that you need to be healed.

This will be the beginning of seeing the light and even though you are not ready to be responsible yet, the experiences that you have will lead you there and your journey on the inside will start.

Stage of Inner Looking

This will be a time of growth and spirituality and discovering who you are. You will look inside of yourself and see that you have rebelled against your spiritual being and that you have experienced pain and suffering inside.

You will release the beliefs that you have from parents, teachers, religious entities and the media and you will change what you believe and what you feel. You will see that you are not limited in yourself.

As you realize that you were asleep, you will see that you were judgmental and that you were living a poor life. Your eyes will be open to new experiences and you will see the world and society differently. People will change around you and might even become strange towards you.

Focusing on things in the world and things that have gone wrong will allow you to learn to let go of things that are holding you back such as your job, relationships, families, and other things that take away your power.

You will leave roles that you had in your past that caused rejection and past identity mistakes and you will want to withdraw from those around you.

The world around you will begin to look different and you will see it from a different perspective. You will have a sense that you are connected to the universe and your soul and you will want to disconnect from other things.

This is a time where you will be lonely because people will not understand you. You will wonder why you began this journey, and you will be unhappy because you will lose friends and feel like no one cares about you.

You might even wish that you were normal again, but you will not be able to forget the things that you know are wrong in your life. Practicing worthiness will begin and you will no longer be able to be in situations that make you feel unworthy.

Appreciation of your emotions will come at this stage and you will often feel empty and will still have the desire to be accepted but more of a desire to be awake.

Answers will be sought out and you will meditate and practice mindfulness so that you can wake up and feel the power.

The ego will be in the way and it will challenge you and cause you to question your beliefs and to question where you fit in. You will have peace and freedom and you will find happiness.

This is the stage that is the longest and most challenging, but it is also the most important. This will be a time where you have to let things go and where you will really find that you were sleeping and will want to be awake.

This is a time where you will be fearful and you will worry about losing who you are but you will also realize that you had no true purpose in your life up to this point and you were hopeless and you want to see change.

You will feel that everything is going to be different and things inside of you are waking up.

Stage of Resolving Things

In this stage you will experience life and you will see who your true self is. You will excuse your ego and your false self, and you will have peace and know you are alive.

Your beliefs will be changes and you will surrender yourself to the universe and you will have inner power and be in control of your life.

You will no longer doubt but will have faith and trust. You will understand your mistakes and become forgiving and loving towards others.

Programming of the world will leave you and you will be free and responsible for your actions. You will free people and not judge them any longer.

Proving your worth is no longer important to you and you will have a deep connection with your life. You will get rid of loneliness and feel oneness and you will want to have relationships that allow you to be who you are and where you don’t have to be approved by anyone.

You will meet people that know who you are, and your relationships will improve, and your life will become better.

You will develop an understanding of who you are, and you will have joy. Your desires will be met, and you will become a teacher or a mentor to others so that you can help others empower themselves.

This is a stage where you find your spirituality and you will accomplish things because you will feel good and you will want to express things in your life.

Intuition will increase and you will become more intelligent and you will live in the moment. You will realize that you have a purpose, and that life is unconditional, and you have thankfulness for everything around you.

The good and bad things will go away, and you will see that all you have is love. You will realize that you are free of your ego and you are on your journey to your awakening.

Aligning who you are will make you feel happy and present and you will become the master of your thoughts and emotions., You will not desire to change but you will want to experience all things in your life.

You will heal and be the self you were meant to be. You will have courage in your journey and find your worth.

The Stage of Consciousness

This will be the stage where you become awakened. You will be in the bridge of the experience and this will be a place where you are deep and where you allow your power as conscious creator to improve.

You will see that there is nothing preordained and that the purpose of your life is whatever you choose. You will choose your purpose and have peace and fulfillment.

You will not have to do anything, but you will be guided through your desires. Your experience will allow you to connect to the energy and you will be intuitive, and you will develop new feelings of teacher and leadership.

You will attract people to your life that help you have a better life and humanity. You will master your thoughts and beliefs and then you will know what you desire and why you were created.


No matter what stage that you are experiencing, know that you cannot have a wrong enlightenment. You will go through the process and things will be better.

No one really has a set time as to how long an awakening takes but take the time to look inside and be mindful. Let things go that are not good for you.

The more you awaken, the more you will experience, and life will be seen differently. Whatever stage that you are in, embrace it and allow the journey to take you to your awakening and to exactly where you need to be in your life.

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