Building a Spiritual Connection with Someone

Whether the goal is to build a spiritual connection with someone we are in a current relationship or someone who is yet to come, the journey begins with the self. We all want a perfect partner who is both lover and best friend. We want to have a strong connection that goes well beyond the mundane and shines from a deep spiritual connection. It seems the current trend makes this more difficult and leave people disappointed and frustrated rather than happy in their partnership. Dating seems to have become a rat race filled with tips and tricks that bring people close, but still requiring compromise of ourselves. This is not a meaningful and lasting connection. We need to remove the old narratives of limiting, harmful ideas on how to interact with someone we are interested in and replace it with conscious love methods to honor and respect us as individuals. This is an emotionally healthy way to find, then nurture and maintain love.

The process is about attracting others who are aligned to our most authentic selves and then building a luscious and healing connection that will stand the test of time. Below are several ways to begin laying this type of foundation.

Foster and Practice Self-Depth

Respecting ourselves shows we do not put the desire for a relationship above listening to our heart, mind, body, and spirit so we honor any messages we receive. There is no need to demean yourself, but instead view yourself as a sensual, divine being. When we cut ourselves down, we choose partners that mirror this lack of respect. However, when we respect ourselves, we attract those who do the same.  We also make better choices about who we allow into our lives long term.

Come from a Place of Truth

If we constantly do things simply because we think we should or say we enjoy something because we think we should, our true self is being hidden. If this happens in a relationship, it ultimately falls apart or remains miserable. This is because we are not behaving in a way that reflects what we want or need nor shows our ideals. We must strive for authenticity to attract a spiritual relationship through the conscious love method. This allows for honest interaction that can be substantial as our partner gets to know the real us.

Foster a Desire for Knowledge and Expansion

We need to continually express a deep curiosity about what we think, who we really are, and how we interact. When we push ourselves outside our comfort zones, we ensure we are evolving and learning from successes and mistakes. Growth in our lives creates further growth. We attract those who align with this vibration and interests that leads to finding someone who is just as interested in their growth. A spiritual and profound connection is not just one where only one of you is willing to work on self, but both of you are overall. This makes it about finding the right someone, not just anyone.

Practice Radical Self-Love

When we learn to treat ourselves as we would a child, as far as lovingkindness is concerned, then our relationships would change in a drastic manner. When we can love ourselves fully, we accept all about ourselves, good and bad. We must learn to stop ripping apart our perceived negatives and gift ourselves with sacred love for all of who we are in life. When we learn to do this, we make choices that are reflective of this love and our relationships will mirror it. To receive true, healthy, lasting love, we must first find it in ourselves.

Commit to Feeling Good

Too often, we get into patterns in a relationship that brings us no pleasure or spiritual depth, but we continue to repeat it with each new relationship. This can end up leaving us deeply hurt. When we are committed to seeking out the things which make us feel good and keep us happy then we start to weed out people who drag us down. Spiritual connections make us feel good and are uplifting. When we learn to set a foundation for healthy pleasure, we give others permission to do the same and bring this feeling into the relationship.

Though these steps seem simple, the effects they produce are profound and applicable to all who are looking for spiritual love or are focused on a conscious relationship with a current relationship. Each step challenges us to work on our most authentic self and understand that this correlated to what we receive from others. Though they require work, we receive an empowering form of love.

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