Earth Angels

Even though the saying, “earth angel,” might make you think of a perfect being that is floating around the earth, the truth is, an earth angel is someone that is a person that does not feel like they belong on this earth and they never seem to fit in. This can be a person that has been sent to the earth for a higher purpose and to help others, as a matter of fact, you could even be an earth angel.

Some people, when they hear the term earth angel often imagine an angel that is draped in white cloth and floating above the clouds with a halo over their heads. The great thing about earth angels is that they are humans that walk on the earth among us.


Another term for an earth angel is a lightworker. These are people that go out of their way to help bring love and healing to others. They are people that probably will not stand out in the crowd, but they do have some traits that help to give away that they might be one:


Some earth angels are considered artists and are good at things such as painting, music, sculpting and other arts. They do this because they need to express themselves.


Most earth angels are people that have so much energy that they are sometimes overwhelmed by this and by their strong emotions.


Earth angels will spread unconditional love to others. When some struggle to love, an earth angel will want to love and will be focused more on areas where there is a lot of love.


Earth angels look younger than they really are because they are able to handle the things of life much easier. They are different and they look and feel younger.

Drawing People

This type of person will have energies that draw others to them. These people might want to talk about their problems or seek help.


Even though the traits above make an earth angel seem almost perfect, they are not and one negative thing about them is they are often times irresponsible. They have a hard time managing their time and are not always responsible with what they do in their life.


Earth angels are rather independent, and they do not like to ask others for help. They want to help and do not feel like they deserve help from others.


An earth angel has a hard time being secure and they seek security in their relationships. When a relationship does not work out, they do not understand why.


Earth angels accept others for who they are, and they do not judge others.


Most people love nature, but earth angels really love nature. They seek out nature to feel more energy and to feel closer to the universe.


Earth angels will be able to tell the difference between good and bad and they will have strong gut feelings that will lead them. This power is good for them so they can make good decisions.


Sometimes earth angels want to be alone. They need their alone time because they are always spending their time helping others. This gives them time to recharge.


If you feel the feelings and emotions of others, chances are you are an earth angel. They feel the pain of others and sometimes even neglect their own feelings to help others find happiness and peace.


Earth angels avoid conflict as much as they can. They hate to argue, and they do not want to be around people that bring them down or are negative to them.


When you were young, chances are you were mistreated or maybe you felt weird around others or were left out. This looked negative but before you consider that you were a loser, chances are you were just practicing these qualities so that you could help others when you got older.

Some characteristics of an earth angel are that they are loners. This can be something that the universe prepared you for. Instead of considering yourself to be weird or strange, imagine all of the things that you could accomplish and the people you could help as an earth angel.

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