Empath Transformations

People are always going through different stages in their life and if they look back, they can often see where one change happened before the next. The changes can happen in the external body such as getting a new career, having a baby or they can even be internal such as making better financial choices or hiding your heart.

Empaths also have different stages that they will go through when they are developing, and many people call these the Empathic Transformation.

When an empath goes through different stages of their life, this is unique and will be a way that life can unfold just how it is meant to be. There is no set age or speed in which these changes happen, and no stage is easier or harder than the next.

No matter what stage you are in, you are where you are meant to be and you should not rush it but you should learn to embrace the changes and see what is coming to you. This will help you to grow your giftings.

Each life journey will look different, but most empaths will follow three basic stages and here they are:

Existing for Them

The first stage that most empaths go through in their journey is the fact that they are there for other people. This is a self-less stage and is hard.

Being an empath makes someone aware of the feelings and emotions of those around them. This happens with everyone they meet. This can be parents, children, siblings, friends, co-workers, lovers and even strangers. An empath will feel all of their happiness, pain, sadness and struggles they face.

It does not take an empath long to see that they are responsible to help others. Each time they take a step out of their home, they become in tuned to those around them. They will love animals and will help those that are hurting anytime that they can.

This is the first step that an empath is in and this is where they are vulnerable to people that are narcissists. These people will use and abuse them and help them figure out who they are. An empath will have a hard time seeing their self-worth and will wonder if life will ever get better.

Existing for You

The second stage usually comes when something traumatic happens and the empath feels that they have nothing else left to give. This becomes a dramatic change and is often seen from giving to others constantly and being used and abused. The empath will finally say enough is enough.

This stage is a changing stage and sometimes is angry. The empath will leave bad relationships and jobs and will want to shut everyone and everything that is bad out of their life. They will not want to suffer anymore.

This will come with guilt and worry, and they will try to figure out what life has for them. This is a time where the empath will look inside at their own life and will begin to meditate and learn and grow. When they focus on themselves, their life will look different and maybe even selfish.

This stage of life is a place of new discoveries and the empath will keep moving forward without looking back.

Existing for Everyone

The end of the second stage is when things become slow again. An empath will be in their last stage of change.

Once they were unsure of who they were and they lived in a place of stress and exhaustion but once they took time to figure out what they wanted, they become ready to move forward. With their new sense of their own inner self, they can set boundaries, love their giftings and can be strong.

The empath will become full of love and amazement and they will want to share this new life with those around them. They will see what life has to offer them and they will see that their love is helping others. They will want to raise others up and give much of themselves to others.

Each of these stages of change come with growth for the empath. Some of the stages are hard but when the final stage is reached, the empath can look back and see where all the pain came from and why. These are places where they can leave their bitterness and sadness and fear and go forward.

No matter where you are in your journey, you are where the universe wants you to be at the moment. Look at the signs around you and see what is happening to bring growth and healing to yourself.

When you feel that you need someone to understand or guide you, reach out to someone and talk to them. Know that your path is beautiful, and it is mean to unfold in this journey.

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