Connecting With Spirit

Some psychics have connected with the spirit world since they were vey young. They might be able to use clairaudience to hear the spirits or have clairalience where they smell them. Some also feel these spirits and see them in their dreams such as clairsentience.

Spirits can communicate with some psychics and some are able to understand and be way clearer than others on what the spirits are trying to communicate with them.

When you want to speak and connect with the spirits, you have to be open and patient. When you first make that connection, make sure that you have a safe space to allow yourself to be protected. You can create this space by burning candles and by putting white light around you. Spend time meditating so that you can raise your energies and your protection.

Make sure that you have faith and that you are open to what the spirits say. You might find that once you connect with them that you will only get a small message. This takes practice and things do not always happen immediately.  Remember that you need to open your mind to receive the messages and as you practice this can get stronger.

Ask Archangel Michael to come and protect you from harm when you connect with the spirits and ask him to give you a sign that you are okay and that your guides will help you.

Here are some ways to connect with the spirits:


Hold and object of the spirit you are trying to connect with and ask them to communicate with you. You can use a picture or something the person had when they were on the earth. Hold the object and talk to your spirit guides to communicate with you.


Ask the spirit to show you a sign that they are close to you. If you have someone you are calling forth that is in your family, listen to signs that are familiar to you. You might find something like a penny or smell something different or familiar. You might also see a butterfly or something that reminds you of the person you are calling forth.

Do not take anything as a small sign or something insignificant but know that all signs are important. Maybe you will even get a weird text on their birthday or something that reminds you of them.


You can also ask the spirits to contact you when you are dreaming. One thing you can do is write down in your journal your dream and always be specific to what you saw. You can make sure that this is accurate and find out what the signs and the messages mean.

This can be a great experience for you if you are open to it.


Meditating can help you relax and get more in a place where you can hear from the spirits. Sit in a place that is quiet and chant or pray. You can burn sage or use spray to keep the room clear of stress.

Essential oils can also be used, and you can mix them or use a diffuser or candles.

Here are some great things to mix when calling the spirits:

  • Rosemary can be used to purify the area form evil.
  • Frankincense can get rid of evil spirits.
  • Vervain can open your third eye and help you to bring in money or love.
  • Mugwort can be used to keep your giftings strong and keep away negativity.

Once you clean your space make sure you use affirmations and thankfulness to your guides for helping you. If you do not make a connection right away do not be frustrated, just keep the faith and keep trying.

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