Top Crystals for Emotional Balance

Life can be tough. In fact, it can hit you hard enough to knock you right off balance. When this occurs, it can help to have some of the gifts of Mother Earth that can help in these times of stress and crisis. Crystals and gemstones emit healing energies that are able to positively affect the astral and subtle bodies surrounding and penetrating our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Different crystals hold different properties to help with many different needs. Surrounding yourself with nature’s natural healers, whether they are worn, carried, or kept in your home, can create emotional balance that soothes your weary soul. Healing crystals are plentiful and in numerology, the number six is the balance number, so below are six crystals chosen for healing.

Rose Quartz: Unconditional Love

Rose quartz is a soft pink crystal that is aligned with the heart chakra. It is known as a love magnetizer and attracts love in all its vibrations, including both platonic and romantic. Rose Quartz inspires genuine self-love, self-care, and self-nurturing. It has also been known to release negative energy and restore hope, harmony, and trust in the physical and emotional aspects of your heart. Rose quartz helps create unconditional love, forgiveness, empathy, and compassion for both yourself and those you care for or nurture. Sometimes, a bit of loving kindness is all you need.

Cymophane Cat’s Eye: Blessed Luck-Bringer

Cymophane Cat’s Eye is a chatoyant type of Chrysoberyl that is infused with sparkling Rutile. Cat’s Eye comes in many different colors and connects to different chakras. The golden yellow connects to the solar plexus, the brown the root chakra or Earth star chakra, green the heart chakra, or blue the throat chakra. This crystal is known to help transform negative thoughts into a more positive energy. Cat’s Eye is thought to protect people from accidents, evil spirits, mishaps, and dark entities. It is further said to build self-confidence and self-worth while creating blessings of good luck and wealth. It may restore a sense of optimism in your soul.

Lepidolite: Tranquility Stone

Lepidolite is believed to stabilize moods, dispel negativity, create calm, and bring sleep with gentle dreams. It is used to help bring peace and heal sadness while maintaining tranquility and peace of mind to the heart. The violet ray crystal is connected to the crown chakra and comes in soft purple colors like rose violet, lilac, and lavender. Lepidolite is believed to empower and limit nervousness as you assist seekers and build intuition. It is also great for receiving prophecy through meditation.

Blue Lace Agate: Peaceful Harmony

Blue lace agate is a soft blue hue that is said to relieve an anxious heart as it soothes the burdened soul. Connected to the throat chakra, it can be used to heal the throat and open up abilities to express yourself through speaking and singing. Blue lace agate is to help you communicate your truth, ease stress, and encourage peace of mind as it inspires empathy, forgiveness, compassion, and self-acceptance.

Black Onyx: Release

Black onyx is use to absorb and release negativity, give stamina, strength, energy, and self-control. It is also believed to provide powerful protection as it is attached to the root chakra. Black onyx helps you let go of old pain, grief, worry, stress, and fear as it helps with clarity. Believed to assist in facing your shadow self, it helps bring balance as a protector stone that keeps you from misadventure.

Moonstone: Balance

Moonstone is believed to bless you with the mysterious magic of the moon to protect, nurture, ease trauma, and get back into balance. The pearly color of the moonstone draws angels closer. This is known as the Traveler’s Stone and comes in various colors that can affect different chakras. The moonstone is used to align all sexes with inner goodness and to attract psychic abilities.

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