Praying for and with Your Guardian Angel

A guardian angel is an angel that is there to help you in your life and to help lead you and guide you. Some people have one angel and others have many. They are there to support you at any time.

There are different prayers that you can say in order to get your guardian angel to come to you. They are not part of religion; these are prayers that just assist to reach your guides.

Your guardian angel will want to come and learn more about your life and will want to be close to you but will never do that unless you invite them to.

You can ask them to guide you and to protect you. When you want to be protected, there are different prayers that you can say to your guides to ask them to keep you safe.

Protection Prayer

Close your eyes and relax and take time to concentrate on deep breathing. Let go of your focus and concentrate on being calm and peaceful. Open up your heart and your mind and allow peace to come to you.

You are ready to communicate with your guide. Say to them, “I want to connect with you, guardian angel. Give me your love and surround my being with protection. Protect my space and get rid of any negativity that bothers me.”

“Clear out any fear that is by me and put a shield of protection around me. Keep my shield strong and protect it from negative energy and only allow energy that gives peace and love to come.”

“Make the shield strong and protect my mind, body and spirit and help me in my life. Thank you for taking care of me and letting me shine.”

After you say the prayer, take time to let the prayer settle in and become part of you. Stay calm until you feel peace and you feel protection around you. When you feel that it is done, thank your guides and your angels for taking care of you.

Guidance Prayers

If you want to be guided, here is another prayer. Take time to focus and relax and then say, “Guardian angel, please come and help me today. Help me to be positive and to be willing to do the best things in my life.”

“Help me to find my purpose and to be happy about the opportunities that surround me and are there to keep me safe and to inspire me. Help me to align my thoughts and goals towards what is good for me and help me to find divine truth.”

Inviting Your Angels

There is another prayer that you can say to ask your guardian angels to come into your life.  You need to start by being relaxed and focusing on what is good in your life. Allow light to surround you and let love fill you.

The first step of the prayer isn’t to pray but to raise your energy so that your guardian angel can come. Relax and stay calm and say, “Thank you guides for helping me in my life. Please help me to be good and to do good. Help me to guard my heart.”

“Protect me from anything negative and keep my energy strong. Help me to connect with the divine presence and tune into your guidance. Support me and help me to be the best of myself that I can be.”

“Please help me to have new opportunities and help to serve me and put creativity around me to keep me safe in all times and situations.”

“Thank you for keeping me safe and for supporting and caring for me. Help my energies to be strong and heal all of my energies. Connect with me now and help me to experience all that you have for me. Help me to connect with you and comfort me.”


There is no right or wrong way to pray and you need to just open up your heart and mind and you can manifest good things into your life.

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