Five Easy Ways to Tap into Your Psychic Gifts

You can connect with your spirit through mediation.

Everybody is Psychic.

We are all capable of using these psychic gifts that are within your spirit. Psychic is also known as the soul.

It is essential for me as a psychic advisor that my clients enlighten themselves about their own gifts so that during a session with me they can use those simple tools to connect with their higher wisdom alongside receiving messages, guidance, and confirmation.

Patience, practice and lots of self-solve are required when working with psychic skills.

You can develop a daily practice to cultivate your relationship with your intuition by using the simple tools below.


You should mediate every day in order to awaken your soul which is your psychic power. This will enable you to become more present in your existence. The advantages of mediating every day are that your mind will be rested, your clarity will be increased, the inner depths of your thought process will be opened and link you with your spirit.


You can stay on track with your life purpose by the help of spirit guides who nudge you throughout your life intuitively. Mediation will help you be part of their frequency. Just request your guides for a sign and be ready to receive. To connect with your guides daily, you can create a holy space. You will, therefore, be able to call in the answers you need with clarity and confidence in time.


Refuse to accept negative words, thoughts, and actions. Do away with doubt, lack, limitation and judgment from your life. Your psychic power is weakened by lower vibrational energy. Powerful mantras should replace negative thoughts. Vibrate from love and not to fear and watch our world change in a miraculous way.


Exercising this has been one of my most favorite ways over the years to strengthen my psychic abilities. Keep journals on your predictions coming true by doing it every day and having fun with it. Connect with mother earth each day. Visualize tomorrow by planting your feet firmly on the ground and taking a deep breath. Have a vision of the following day, and imagine yourself there. You can write three predictions for that day and check the next day just to be accurate. Your predictions will materialize more if you continue with this exercise.


Visualization and your intentions are strongly connected. Let your mind create freely whatever it wants by picturing your dreams. Create time every day and just picture how you would like your day to be. It is easier to change your visualizations to reality for one to believe.

You will receive the benefits of being in sync with your natural flow and inner compass if you put more energy in the above actions.

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