The Vulture: Spirit Animal and Much More

Having a vulture fly into your sight line may be disconcerting for some, but for those who have the vulture as a spirit animal, it is a sign of new beginnings. The vulture is symbolic of rebirth an purification. A vulture has positive energy that allows it to fly high in search of a resting place and food, much like one would think of a tiger roaming the earth. Vultures make use of the energies of earth to navigate air currents deftly as a way to accomplish individual tasks. This is a testament to the fact that everything must be weighed and certainty attained before making a decision.

Common Vulture Meanings

The vulture is highly misunderstood, but it is a powerful and intriguing bird. When people see or think of the vulture, it is immediately associated with decay, death, and even destruction, but it is instead a special bird that does wonderful things. The vulture appears when you are expending far too much personal energy. This is the given meaning. This is when you have multiple resources available in your life, but you still feel ill equipped and often exhausted.

A vulture totem can encourage you to master your energies and agree to the support that arrives from your environment. Use what tools you have to accomplish goals. If loved ones offer support, be willing to accept it. There is no need to go at life alone. Though the vulture spirit animal possesses no real voice, but actions speak louder than words. This means if the vulture is your spirit animal, you nee to stay true to promises, do what is needed, and honor your word at all times.

Much like the spider, vulture symbolism is about purification and a restoration of harmony in your life. It further symbolizes that it is time to right wrongs and free yourself from the shackles of a personal ego. The vulture meaning goes further to bring a focus to the real meaning found in life and death. It has the ability to feed itself from death it has located, which is uncanny. The vulture teaches you to embrace and deeply understand death because death for something else means that the vulture will live.

The Vulture as Lucky

Most understand that the vulture is a scavenger in the animal world. If the vulture is your spirit animal, take to heart its sheer resourcefulness. The vulture totem can offer an eye-opening of sorts that brings about inspiration. It can bring opportunities like never before imagined. The opportunities can mean more abundance and luck in your life if use to accomplish your life goals.

Make sure you work with your spirit animal to start seeing the aura of others and the true colors of things around you. You can even teach yourself to receive the vulture’s true meaning in life. Remember, the vulture can soar beyond its limitations, as can you. You just have to learn to utilize your energy in the right way. Let go of the anchors that are weighing you down so you can move on from the people. Places, and things that are no longer able to make you happy.

Messenger of Change

The vulture is a symbol for that change that you wish to make but have been putting off. It is time to make that change to rid yourself of the traits you dislike the most. The vulture forces you to recognize these things and put them under a microscope. While you must learn to accept your flaws, once recognized, they can be turned into strengths. Even when your future looks the darkest, you can choose to find the light.

Positive Traits

The vulture, as a spirit animal, has multiple positive traits. The first is resourcefulness and creativeness in the use of all the senses to locate available opportunities. You can recognize that there is good in waiting for something if it means that there is a promise of peace, happiness, love, and even abundance. You are likely highly perspective with keen insights. When loyalty is given, you are there for life. When needed, you can be strong and impervious, but also unconventional which makes life more interesting.

Negative Traits

The vulture also has a few negative qualities, including being opportunistic. When an opportunity is shared with a vulture, they will wait for someone to make a mistake and swoop in quickly. This can lead to taking advantage of others and situations. This leads to getting ahead, but at the expense of others.

When to Call on the Vulture

There are some times that it is best to call on the vulture. These include:

  • When a need to become less image conscious is present
  • When you want to walk with confidence, ignoring what others say
  • When you require patience
  • When you need to remember that good things come when you wait so you are willing to work hard
  • When a challenge arises in life

No matter what you are experiencing, it is temporary. A renewal will come along with happier days.

Unusual Facts

When asked about the symbolism of the vulture you may feel a need to focus on the dark and negative. However, this is not always the case as there are several unusual facts about the vulture spirit animal that reframe it as a spirit animal.

Positive Energy

The vulture is strongly linked to positive energy, even though people tend to think of it negatively. The vulture reminds you that you have the necessary energy to go ahead and achieve in whatever area you choose. Vultures soar an achieve their aim in life to survive, which is something you too can do on your own.

Actions Speak Louder

Actions speak louder than words, this is well known. The vulture will not simply say the words, but follow them up with action. No need for the vulture to sit on their hands, they will jump right in.

Symbol for Purification

Though the vulture is associated with terrible things, they are a sign of purification. This is due to the ability to move on rather than getting stuck in one spot. You are capable of letting go of things, learning from mistakes, and not making the same errors twice.

Not Shackled by Ego

As a vulture, it is important to avoid being shackle by your personal ego because this works against you in life. There needs to be an ability to let go of insecurities and a willingness to move forward so you can advance in the right ways.


The vulture is resourceful in that their ability to adjust allows them to make the most of a given situation and continue moving forward. Nothing should go to waste because it may come in useful. The vulture is not a horrible, evil creature, but a sign of doors opening that nee exploration. This can be a huge positive.

Final Thoughts

When the spirit animal vulture hides deep in your consciousness, it is a sign to remain silent to display true wisdom. The vulture encourages the building of a good name, but allowing mystery to remain around you. As a totem, the vulture asks you to be patient and allow things to unfold as they will. This gives you time to make life changing choices after thinking them through. All resources should be used, but go with the path you love for the most rewarding life.

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