Pauline Jensen on Soulmates and Twin Flames

Terms like “soulmates” and “twin flames” are common within the spiritual community. You’ve likely heard at least one of them. But do you know as much about them as you should?

When I perform psychic readings for clients, they usually are familiar with those terms. But they usually don’t know what they’re supposed to do about it! They commonly assume that a soulmate or a twin flame is somebody they’re supposed to look for, so off they go on their search. Sometimes they’ve even been told by another medium to head out on that search! These searches often lead to other issues, among them a sense of deep disappointment. I often find I need to explain much about the multiple aspects involved surrounding soulmates and twin flames.

What Are Soulmates?

Soulmates are other souls that have been repeatedly incarnated together. They are together for a reason, and that reason is not necessarily romantic. People reincarnate with the same group over and over again. In previous lives together they may have been siblings, parents and children, friends or enemies and, of course, romantically involved. Upon incarnation, soulmates recognize each other immediately. This is why we instantly feel connected, relaxed and comfortable, feeling that somewhat inexplicable “click” with our soulmate, often forming really close relationships together very quickly.

Why Do People Have Soulmates?

The purpose of soulmates can be either to support us in challenging times, or to serve as a challenge. For example, we may be involved in a difficult relationship we feel we can’t leave. A soulmate may enter our lives just at that time to offer the strength we need to get through that challenging time and get out of that relationship.

But when soulmates are present to serve as the challenge, things can be a bit more complicated! Using the same scenario of a difficult relationship, the soulmate may be the person we’re involved in the relationship with. The people in the relationship may feel that they can’t live together with each other, but they can’t be apart, either.

Soulmates don’t always remain as permanent fixtures in our lives. It’s possible for them to just be passing through a certain time period, or one soulmate may die younger than the other. It’s certainly possible for them to be together more long-term, but that’s not always the case.

While we have connections and relationships with each person in our lives, the relationship between soulmates is a special one. Soulmates serve to help us grow, so be sure to value those relationships regardless of their context, and take advantage of the opportunity to grow and evolve.

Your soulmate may end up being your lover and partner, but be sure you know there are other options. Make sure all of your relationships are healthy, even the ones that don’t involve your soulmate.

What Are Twin Flames?

Twin flames are like two separate halves of a whole, or a yin and a yang. Each half of the yin yang symbol includes a part of the other in it. This is what twin flames are like: two halves that come together in complete wholeness. By definition, when something is whole, it is complete and unchanging and complete. Splitting something into halves upsets the balance of its wholeness. This sets both halves in pursuit of each other to achieve that balance again.

With twin flames, there is a spark of one person’s soul within the other person’s soul. When they come together, the parts of themselves in the other completes them and makes them whole.

Twin flames are unlike soulmates, as twin flames have had few, if any, previous lives together. If they have, they will have always recognized each other on a soul level because they are of the same essence. When reunited with their twin, they find balance they’d sought. Every relationship in all of our lives can be perceived as practice for our twin flame relationships, so don’t necessarily disregard relationships that aren’t with your twin flame.

Will I Meet My Twin Flame?

It used to be that people were content seeking and finding their soulmate. But oh, how times have changed! Now, seemingly everyone wants a twin flameĀ  relationship. It’s rare to find your twin flame, but as people become more aware spiritually, it’s becoming more common.

In order to find your twin flame, it’s necessary to continue growing spiritually. Commonly, the primary reason for being united with your twin flame is the energy that’s created from the relationship and the positive shared mission that can then be embarked upon.

Sometimes, twin flames become aware of each other, but one or both parties involved are not yet developed enough to endure the intensity on the soul level of the relationship. A twin flame relationship is also intense on the emotional and physical levels, but the soul level is the most intense aspect of the relationship. Some people assume that sexual chemistry is evidence of a twin flame relationship. This can be true, but is not always the case. Twin flame relationships can also be platonic, with business colleagues, family members or friends.

How Can I Find My Twin Flame?

There are many things people can do to bring about a twin flame reunion. Try to stay open-minded, and don’t set any expectations. Consider that everyone around you, not just romantic interests, could be a twin flame connections. Even just having your twin flame present in your life is much more than most people ever experience. Appreciate that person no matter what their relationship is to you.

Also, it’s important to continue the evolution of your soul. One aspect of this is to work on clearing out the baggage you have both in this life and in previous lives. Make sure all of your vows are honored, negative ties are severed and negative issues are settled. This will help your energy level become more focused on the positive, as you move away from the negativity associated with things like fear, jealousy and anger. Your twin flame must also have done this, so nothing can break the connections or reduce the energy frequency as the relationship forms.

Once reunited, each party in the twin flame relationship will notice that their spiritual growth is accelerating, and their states of consciousness are increasing to much higher levels. The people involved have not spent a significant number of past lives together, so their personal backgrounds will differ. It’s important for each person to understand and relate to the other, and if difficulties arise, it’s advised that you seek assistance from a professional counselor or psychic medium. This will help raise your levels of insight and empathy to reach deeper understanding of each other in the twin flame relationship.

Twin flame relationships often involve a telepathic aspect. Sometimes this aspect is so deep that it resembles the connections experienced by birth twins. Each person is fulfilled and spiritually nourished when in present together. This connection is enhanced when each party is aware of it, so don’t hesitate to seek spiritual and psychic guidance and input in the relationship.

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