Dealing with Jealousy

Jealousy is something we have all likely experienced at some point, but when it rears its ugly head, we have two options in how to deal. The thing to remember is that no one is immune from jealousy. Even those focused on personal growth will have times of jealousy, it is part of life that we must truly work to overcome. Ironically, almost anything can trigger it at any time.

We must be aware that jealousy and envy are not the same thing. Envy is wanting what someone else has at that moment, but jealousy is creating resentment and often bitterness toward the person while also wanting what they have in some form. Sometimes this comes from seeing others who are earning more money, gifts, or perks from hard work and we feel bitter, even though we know we should not. When we see something that ignites the fire of jealousy, it is because it is a reflection of our fears, desires, and inadequacies. This may be because we know that we are capable of achieving the same things.

Still, jealousy is a chameleon that we do not often recognize at first. It often feels like we just do not like the other person, but cannot figure out why. It may come out through spiteful thoughts or comments. This can even start positively, being happy for someone doing well, but then suddenly the person does really well and the tides turn. You may wonder how this is being accomplished and then move on to feeling like they are just showing off.

When jealousy hits, we have two distinct choices. One will be a poison to your life, the other is quite freeing. So we can either turn off our connection to the person, often social media, and no longer be poisoned by jealousy or we can tune in with a whole new attitude. There is a way to acknowledge and recognize jealousy or envy and allow it to serve as positive motivation. First realize you are capable and ready to achieve and receive all the things you see. Envy can show you what you really want in your life, some things you have yet to recognize. Use this as a tool to align yourself and work for that thing rather than become jealous and let it bring you down.

You can also pay attention to when jealousy and envy begin shouting at you and allow that to propel you forward. Rather than wasting that emotional energy in tailspin about what you do not have, use it to fuel your fire to make the dreams come true for your own life. Intentional actions bring your dreams to you. This is not about greed, but about dreaming big and being grateful for the process. Gratitude will never fail you. The future is already yours, just step into it.

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