Being an Enlightened Person

People that want to be enlightened will work hard and will have to go through some forms of discipline in order to reach that spiritual enlightenment. They will have to remove their old ways of thinking and strive for peace and commitment with themselves and others.

We sometimes talk about people that are enlightened, but we don’t always know what that means. We might see them as someone that is nice or someone that is able to talk and give good information. Even though these are things that come with enlightenment, it is hard to find out if someone is really enlightened unless we are first enlightened.

Some people have been spiritual their whole lives and they have seen people changed through their experiences. Even though there are different things that people can go through and act like after they are enlightened, there are some qualities that are almost definite when a person is enlightened.

One thing to keep in mind is that everyone goes through different stages of enlightenment and just because you see someone with a quality or two, it doesn’t mean that they are not still developing.

Both men and women can have enlightenment, and some will be more enlightened than others.


One thing that a person that has went through enlightenment has is joy. They are happy and they want others to be happy. The face problems with positive thoughts and they figure out how to resolve their problems the best that they can. If they can’t solve their problems, they learn to happily accept them and move on.


Another quality that someone has that has been enlightened is peace. They are not fearful, and they are not afraid of things that they do not know.

These people have freedom of their life and they are not about their material things, but they care about what is going on inside.

Kindness and Love

A person that is enlightened will show love and compassion to others. They will really care for someone and they will do what they can to meet the needs of those that need help. They will also want others to find their spiritual place and they will be willing to talk about it and to help them.

About Others

An enlightened person is not someone that is all about themselves. They care more about others than themselves and they are connected to their spiritual world.

They see things in the reality that everyone and everything has to work together for good.


The enlightened person is emotionally strong. They are able to work through their emotions and their problems peacefully. They do not allow their ego to be in charge of them and they are compassionate to those that do not treat them kindly.

This person understands that not everyone is as spiritual as they are, and they love them anyways.


A person on their enlightened path will be more patient and they will understand when people make mistakes. They know that life is a journey and that people sometimes do not understand what they are doing.


A person that is enlightened is humble. They know where they stand, and they do not need others to tell them that they are good enough.

They allow themselves to be loving and gentle to others and they are kind to people that they meet and even those they do not know.

Open Minded

An enlightened person is open minded, and they want to know all that they can. They look at things differently and they do not judge others or jump to conclusions.


Someone that is enlightened has strong inner strength. They are able to connect with their spirit guides and they do not have to deal with power struggles that they had to deal with in the past.


A person that has went through enlightening is a good leader. They understand others and they understand freedom and suffering. They want to lead people to be better and they want to follow others and reach their best self.


An enlightened person will be mindful of what is going on in their body. They know that in order to be spiritually developed that they have to focus on their own being. They have to keep a healthy mind, body and emotion and they know that all of it works together for the best good.

Spiritual Practices

Someone that is enlightened knows how they become enlightened. They never forget their spiritual journey and they base their life on their spiritual strength in order to move forward and to share their news with others.

A person that is enlightened will be mindful of themselves and about everyone around them. They will want to keep knowing more things and they will want to see the world through clear and open eyes. They want to know what life has for them and to love and embrace nature.

Not everyone that is enlightened will have all of the qualities but most of them will have a vision that will lead them to the qualities in the list above.

People that are enlightened want to live their best life and they will discipline themselves with meditation and will commit to helping others find their true path in life.

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