6 Ways to Balance Your Chakras

Chakras can easily become out of alignment or blocked.

Here are six methods to ensure optimal chakra health and energy flow:

1. Color: Tap into your inner wisdom to identify any colors that are important to you on a specific day. Our chakra points have corresponding colors that resonate at the same energetic frequency. If you feel unstable in your life, your root chakra might be blocked and as a result, you could desire to wear red clothing. Adding more of this color to your life can help address the imbalance and bring more of this energy into your life.
2. Food: Craving certain foods can alert you to a need in a particular chakra point. Using the root chakra example again, if you are not feeling grounded you may be craving red colored foods like tomatoes, radishes, watermelon, cherries, red peppers, or rare steak.
3. Sound: Music also has particular frequencies and stimulates given energy points. Consider listening to classical music to best stimulate the notes we listed below.
• Root = C
• Sacral = D
• Solar Plexus = E
• Heart = F
• Throat = G
• Third Eye = A
• Crown = B

4. Toning: Our voice can produce tones that aid in balancing our chakra system. Place both hand over an energy center than you feel may be blocked. Begin to sound your deepest possible tone, gradual increase the pitch. Your instincts will direct you to which pitch is best for you as you will notice this point feeling lighter and more mailable. Use this tone repeatedly through the day or week until your energy feels more balanced.
5. Essential oils: Oils also vibrate at various frequencies and are helpful in balancing your energy flow. Either inhale a scent that speaks most to you, or safely apply the oil (that has been diluted with a suitable carrier oil) to a pressure point on your skin.
6. Visualization: Meditate and picture energy rising up from the core of the earth through either chakra point, cleansing and balancing from the inside. Enhance this practice with relevant color, sound, and frequency.

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